10 Best Tik Tok Challenges in Singapore 2023

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The digital world is dominated by many social media applications in this modern era. The popularity of TikTok has increased over the past few months. Singaporeans also enjoy the entertainment application, which has more than 500 million users. With the post-COVID era of limited socializing and confinement to the home, TikTok trends and challenges are going viral. Unfortunately, there is also a lack of entertainment and Challenges among Singaporeans, who are bored. This article consists of a list of the ten best Tik Tok challenges in Singapore (2023)

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Barbie Girl Challenge 


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The Barbie Girl Challenge is one of the best TikTok challenges for girls. The Challenge focuses not only on entertainment or excitement but also gives a message to the world. People might have observed the unrealistic beauty standards of the world, and many young girls undergo tons of surgeries to meet those beauty standards.

 Therefore, the Challenge teaches girls that natural beauty is the best kind of beauty. The steps are straightforward; one has to apply a lot of makeup and perform on ‘Aqua’s Barbie Girl and then change the face with scars and blood to depict that this beauty isn’t natural. In this second step, one has to perform on the remix of ‘Ava’s Not Your Barbie Girl song. 


Lathi Challenge


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The Lathi Challenge is one of the top TikTok challenges in Singapore. The Challenge is based on mimicking the video of the supernatural-styled song. However, in this, one doesn’t have to spend those valuable minutes practicing the dance steps as they are too easy to follow. 

In addition, the Lathi Challenge is mainly about makeup to make a look like a supernatural creature. Therefore, the video will not only entertain the friends, but one can also use some steps to scare them out. 

Any Song Challenge


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 The Any Song Challenge is the perfect choice for the TikTok challenge in Singapore. So many celebrities, including Zico, have uploaded TikTok videos performing this song, making it a challenge. So, try becoming a K-pop star and act on this song if you get bored at home. 

Therefore, the Challenge is to perform a short dance matching the chorus of the music and add some artistic effects if required. 

It is one of the most accessible practices, requiring less practice time. So, pick up the phone and start the Challenge by keeping those dance steps in mind.

Wipe it out ChallengeChallenge 


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The Wipe it out Challenge is the favorite TikTok Challenge in Singapore. The Challenge is based on the ‘Wipe it down by BMW Kenny Plays, where wipes the mirror by doing entertaining steps. In this, the Challenge starts by wiping out the mirror on the song’s beats to appear in a new look and returning to the same old look just by wiping the mirrors.

Therefore, many tiktokers reported this Challenge as a replica of cinderella, where she magically dresses up to be a mesmerizing princess from her cleaning dress. 


Sunglasses Drop Challenge 


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The Sunglasses Drop Challenge is a viral TikTok challenge among actors. In this Challenge, a person has to dance to a song and drop the sunglasses from the head to the eyes without touching them.

Therefore, a little practice can make you a pro in this fun Challenge and time-killing. So, gather with your friend in this era, and try to spread positivity by doing a sunglasses drop Challenge. 


Don’t Leave Challenge


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The Don’t Leave Challenge is the most common TikTok Challenge in Singapore. It is designed on the sketch of a Nigerian comedian ‘Josh Alfred’ that became viral a few days ago. Hence, it is a simple and primary TikTok challenge requiring no practice or makeup. It would be best if you came up with silly jokes, puns, or wordplay that can make people laugh.

After saying the joke or pun, you need to run with a bunch of friends chasing you, saying, ‘Don’t Leave Me. And the best part of this TikTok Challenge is that it depicts the humorous side. 


Savage Love Dance Challenge 


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The Savage Love Dance Challenge is the latest TikTok Challenge in Singapore. The Challenge beat is the famous ‘Lax (Siren Beat) by Joshua Nanai,’ which is quite enchanting and has been used in various other TikTok challenges. 

Therefore, the steps can be challenging for newbies, and practicing the dance steps is recommended because the beat will automatically make to dance. 


Doodle Challenge


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The Doodle Challenge is a fun TikTok Challenge in Singapore based on the childhood game. The Challenge is simple; in this, we need to place a piece of paper on the back of the partner and draw a sketch. And the partner will draw the same sketch in front of him by guessing the drawing actions. One can perform this task and vice versa but cannot accomplish it alone. 

Mainly, the Challenge results in a sketch quite different from the original one resulting in some funny laughs and memories.


Celeb Look-alike Challenge


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The Celeb Look-alike Challenge is an exciting TikTok Challenge in Singapore. The Challenge is perfect for one who resembles the actor. In this, we all need to point the camera toward legs or other body parts showing some dance moves. The background song is a Selena Gomez hit ‘Tell me something I don’t know.’ Once the music plays, pop-ups rise on the screen, saying to resemble that celebrity. And when the lyrics hit the part ‘Tell me something I don’t know,’ turn the camera towards the face, showing the resemblance to that celebrity while doing entertaining dance steps. 

Flip the Switch Challenge 


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The Flip the Switch Challenge is the most interesting TikTok Challenge in Singapore. The Challenge is based on the famous song ‘Flip the Switch by Drake.’ Moreover, the Challenge uses a unique concept. In this, one has to turn off and on the switch and exchange the clothing with their partner. 

Therefore, performing this Challenge with a girlfriend or wife is suggested, which will make it way funnier. Furthermore, wearing female clothes on a male body will entertain the audience in this tense environment. 

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