11 Best Customised Gifts For Your Love Ones in Singapore 2023

11 Best Customised Gifts For Your Love Ones in Singapore 2022

Have you heard that your friend’s birthday is just around the corner? Do you have a holiday coming up? A difficult task during the gift-giving season is finding gifts. The cost of a product is one of the most important factors, as well as functionality, preferences, and color. There are many online shops, physical stores, and even blogs that you might have visited. Is there anything that brought you here? This may be due to the fact that you are still trying to decide on which gift to give to your friend, colleague, or family member. You don’t have to worry, though. Let us simplify the process for you as easy as possible! Here are some of the best customised gifts on the market.

The uniqueness and thoughtfulness of personalized gifts cannot be overstated. Whether you want their names printed, embossed, or engraved on the gifts, it is up to you. Furthermore, some sellers also add cute and artsy icons if you want even more customisation. We recommend you read through the following list of customized gifts in Singapore:

customised gifts singapore


Customized Gifts
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Customized Photo Film
Customized Thermal Flask
Customized Marvel Notebooks
Customized Canvas Zip Pouches
Customized Marvel Coasters
Personalized ID Cardholder and Lanyard
Customized Portable Face Mask Case
Custom GYM Towels
Name Engraved Customised Pen
Customized Minimalist Calendar
Personalized Acrylic Display


Customized Photo Film



customised gifts

One of the best customized gifts a person can give to a friend, family member, or significant other is a customized photo film. Nowadays, people don’t use film cameras as much as they used to, but they are still very popular among vintage enthusiasts. Unfortunately, vintage film cameras aren’t cheap anymore. Additionally, finding film printing stations can be challenging. You don’t have to worry about photo films anymore because you can order them online! By emailing your favourite photos to the seller, you can place an order. Using an artsy and cute film, they’ll print your photos. This customized gift is sure to be a hit with your family and friends. It’s not just the written word treasured, but also the photos!


  • If you order two or more sets, you get free delivery
  • Design aesthetics of the past
  • The best choice for artsy and photo enthusiasts
  • Customized gifts that make a great impression


Customized Thermal Flask



corporate customised gifts

The thermal flasks are ideal customized gifts because they are highly functional and useful. A 500 ml tumbler might be the right option for those who enjoy water, juices, tea, and coffee. High-quality stainless steel is used for the construction of the thermal flask’s double walls. One of the best things about this container is that it can keep hot or cold beverages for up to 12 hours. Considering its price, that’s a long period! This one includes a tea strainer, so tea lovers will love it, too.


  • Flask with double walls for vacuum thermal storage
  • Cools or heats beverages for up to 12 hours
  • A stainless steel product of high quality
  • A tea strainer is included


Customized Marvel Notebooks



customised gifts for him

How could you go wrong with customised notebooks to accompany your customized pens? You can’t get anything like these notebooks anywhere else – they are marble-printed! Everyone will benefit from this, whether they are students, professionals, or anyone else. The A5 size makes it perfect for taking notes and making lists. It’s a perfectly customized gifts for friends, family, colleagues, and colleagues. This notebook gives off a sense of chic and elegance.


  • The size of the paper is A5
  • The item can be picked up at the Kaki Bukit MRT station
  • A total of 30 lined pages are included
  • A marble-printed piece with gold customization


Customized Canvas Zip Pouches



customised gifts for her

Even though this may not be the most expensive gift, it is an important one. It is entirely useful to have canvas pouches. There is no doubt that these pouches are a great addition to your makeup, skincare, school, or financial accessories collection. Gifting canvas pouches is a great idea because they can be used for almost anything.

These pouches come in three different colours. They are available in black, beige, and white. The best way to give to a large group is to get all the colours in bulk. What’s the reason? Wholesale prices are available there! Purchase more and save more money. It’s hard not to love the graphics on these custom canvas pouches. Whether you like girly or artsy designs, or minimalist styles, you can never go wrong with choosing this as one of your best customized gifts!


  • In-house designer offers free design services
  • Approximately 20 by 15 cm
  • Wholesale available
  • Canvas of the highest quality


Customized Marvel Coasters



cheap customised gifts singapore

You’re looking for the best gifts that can be customized that are stylish and classy? The set of customised marble coasters might be just what you’re looking for. With a hexagonal shape, these cork coasters are extremely durable, so they can be used for hot and cold drinks. Aside from the colours – the combination of black and gold screams elegance and class! In addition to these colours, you may inquire with the seller about other options.


  • An elegant and classy gift
  • Gold, silver, rose gold, and other colours are available for customizing
  • Coasters of high quality and durability
  • It is perfect for both hot and cold drinks


Personalized ID Cardholder and Lanyard



customised gifts for teachers singapore

It’s a good idea to give ID card holders and lanyards to colleagues as customized gifts. You can make them even better by customizing them! The gold detail is embossed personalisation, which is durable and prevents the initials from fading. A lanyard with an ID card holder maximizes functionality and convenience. Approximately 3 to 6 standard-sized cards can fit in it. Its eco-friendly nature is one of our favorite things about this customized gift. In addition to animal-friendly products, the brand is committed to environmental protection. Easy to clean, abrasion-resistant, and scratch-resistant, this cardholder is perfect for all activities.


  • Letters embossed in uppercase English
  • Microfiber leather of the highest quality
  • Product that is animal-friendly
  • Smooth, lightweight, and soft


Customized Portable Face Mask Case



customised gifts for teachers

We should all take precautions due to everything that has been happening recently. Are you able to safely store your mask when you are eating out? What do you think about the cleanliness and safety of it? You shouldn’t fold your mask into your pocket. It’s for this reason that we’ve come up with these great customized gifts: Customized Portable Face Mask Cases! Using this case, you can ensure that your face mask remains crease-free. Additionally, it prevents dirt and dust from entering your mask. Aside from that, it also looks very elegant! You can choose from a wide variety of fonts and colors for these customized gifts, so we strongly suggest you check it out.


  • Maintains the smoothness of your mask
  • Maintains a dust-free environment
  • High-quality stickers are used
  • There are 5 fonts to choose from


Custom GYM Towels



singapore customised gifts

Giving someone a gym towel is the perfect gift if he or she spends most of their time in the gym! There is nothing better for fitness junkies than gym towels. You wouldn’t go to the gym without it, would you? Our list of the best customized gifts wouldn’t be complete without this gym essential! It is possible to customize gym towels with a name, a quotation, or any other text you wish. Additionally, there are many options available to you small cute icons. Santa hats, sushi, ice cream, boba, and many more of them are among these icons. It features astronauts from Among Us in its new design.


  • Icon of a Santa hat for free
  • A cute design is included
  • Characters from Among Us are now available


Name Engraved Customised Pen



best customised gifts

Each of us needs a pen every day! It doesn’t matter how many pens you buy, you’ll lose them, or someone will borrow them – but you won’t remember who did that. Customizable pens can prevent this by being given as customized gifts! Your name can be engraved on these customized pens. There are two different colors that give them a classy and elegant vibe: gold and silver. Also, these pens are refilled, making them very affordable! The budget-friendly nature of these pens makes them affordable. In regards to packaging, you might consider an acrylic pen box, which costs around a dollar. Black inks are available.


  • The gold and silver versions are available
  • Various types of pens are available, including premium and executive pens
  • The ink is refillable and black
  • Customized gifts that are elegant and classy


Customized Minimalist Calendar



customised gifts for newborn

Besides keeping track of dates, a calendar helps you stay on top of your day-to-day plans. A calendar is one of the most traditional holiday gifts because of this reason! Customize it to make it more personal it. Personalized calendars with the receiver’s name printed are awesome customized gifts, aren’t they? The great thing about it is that Singapore Public Holidays and School Holidays are already included. There are 15 prints to choose from, all in a chic and minimalist style.


  • The card is made of 700gsm chipboard and white card
  • Design ideas that are unique and minimalist
  • Singapore School Holidays and Public Holidays
  • A great way to begin afresh


Personalized Acrylic Display



customised gifts for her singapore

A beautiful video collage of yours can be displayed in an elegant acrylic display if you’re looking for personalized and customized gifts. With just a scan of the image, you can bring your memories back to life.

You’ll also be able to make a video collage with them. They will create a professional video collage based on 23 of your favorite pictures if you send them 23 photos! You will find something that fits your occasion among the many pre-designed acrylic templates.


  • The acrylic display can be used to play video by scanning an image
  • Templates are available in many different designs
  • All occasions can be catered to
  • Orders over $50 qualify for free delivery

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