12 Best Carpenters in Singapore 2024

Best Carpenters in Singapore

There is no shortage of good carpenters in Singapore. When it comes to finding the best, what should you look for? It gets tricky at that point. Someone who has lots of experience and is reliable, but is also affordable and easy to work with, is what you’re looking for. There is no need to search further, as we have compiled a list of the 12 Best Carpenters in Singapore who meet all these criteria!

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Nanyang Carpentry
JS Carpentry & Contracts
Leo Furniture and Construction
Singapore Carpentry
SK66 Carpentry
Rogers & Sons
S3 Carpentry
Blackwood Carpentry
Bideas Creations
IM Carpenter
Tian Fu Creation Interior


Nanyang Carpentry



best carpenters in singapore

Nanyang Carpentry, a renowned carpentry business, is one of the most highly recommended and quite cheap carpenters in Singapore. As compared to other providers who are much more expensive, customers are amazed at how outstanding the service is. Their productivity is high, despite their speed. They are capable of creating sturdy yet beautiful furnishings for your home, so don’t hesitate to hire them. 

Contact: 780 8980

Address: Singapore Woodlands Industrial Park E9 #02-18 E9 Premium

Operating Hours: 9am-6pm, Mon-Sat


JS Carpentry & Contracts



carpenters in singapore

A well-established and highly recommended carpenter in Singapore, JS Carpentry & Contracts has gained a reputation for excellence over the years due to its decades of experience. Their services include bespoke carpentry and refurbishment. No matter what kind of remodeling service you need for your home or business, they’re able to create storage platforms, consoles, refurbished walls, and more!

Contact: +65 9488 5077

Address: Level 2 of Woodlands Industrial Park, 184, Singapore

Operating Hours: 9am-6pm, Daily


Leo Furniture and Construction



good carpenters in singapore

As Leo Furniture goes to such great lengths in advance, you can always count on them for the highest quality woodworking pieces. Each order goes through two stages of quality control in Leo Furniture, not only to ensure high quality but also to ensure that the goods are well suited to the design. Considering this, it’s not surprising that Leo Furniture is highly rated. However, their experience will definitely help you get your work done very well, even if they don’t have good reviews in the carpenters Singapore review.

Contact: 67841378

Address: S528837 Tampines St 93 #01-182

Operating Hours: Check their website for hours of operation.

Website: leofurniture.com


Singapore Carpentry



reliable carpenters singapore

Singapore Carpentry is a company that offers handcrafted, timeless furniture designs tailored to your specific needs and demands. Their reviews suggest they are among the good carpenters in Singapore. The company is known for its custom kitchen cabinets, storage drawers, display cabinets, kitchen countertops, wardrobes, and other items that are bespoke. Regardless of whether it’s for a residential or commercial project, they can help you with your interior design needs. As a result of the detailed cost information they provide, you will be able to budget the anticipated expenditures in advance.

Contact: (+65) 8100 4193

Address: Located at 4A Bury Road, Singapore 119824, the main office and experience gallery

Operating Hours: 10am-6pm, Daily


SK66 Carpentry



singapore carpenters

With over five decades of carpentry expertise, Sk66 is a long-established company. Throughout the years, they have consistently delivered top-notch work, no matter how complex or large the project was. Regardless of the size of the project, their staff always gives it full attention. There is no size limitation on the project since they can take care of anything from the smallest to the largest. Since they have over a decade’s worth of experience, they have built themselves a reputation as top carpenters in Singapore. For those who want their work done properly by the best carpenters in Singapore, SK66 Carpentry is highly recommended.

Contact: 98287198

Address:  #01-22, 81 Ubi Ave 4, S(408830)

Operating Hours: You can find their operating hours on their website.

Website: sk66carpentry.com


Rogers & Sons



recommended carpenters singapore

A family-owned firm specializing in the creation of timeless masterpieces, Rogers & Sons is among the good carpenters in Singapore. Antique furniture lines from this company are some The best on the market thanks to their environmentally friendly materials, sturdy construction, and beautiful designs. The Rogers & Sons design firm can help you if you like a particular style of design.

Contact: +65 6269 6269

Address: Singapore 208561 (Workshop) 115 King George’s Avenue, #01-01 (Industrial) 71 Woodlands Avenue 10, #05-11/12

Operating Hours: 9am-6pm, Weekdays


S3 Carpentry



carpenters singapore review

Their reviews and highlights rank them among the top carpenters in Singapore. With S3 Carpentry’s amazing team of the best Carpenters in Singapore, you’ll receive exceptional custom carpentry services. In the Singapore carpentry industry, they have more than 20 years of experience. In order to determine exactly what you need, the carpenter consults with you before beginning any work. The same level of attention to detail is applied to every project, regardless of its size. They’ll handle all the details once you contact them with your requirements. We highly recommend S3 Carpentry as one of the best carpenters in Singapore if you need any recommendations.

Contact:+65 9199 8816 (WhatsApp)

Address: 27 Woodlands Industrial Park E1, #04-07 Singapore 757718 Hiangkie Industrial Building

Operating Hours: 

  • Mon-Sat, 9am-6pm
  • Sunday, 9am-12:30pm





the carpenters singapore

In addition, Arc: Source is a highly recommended carpenter in Singapore and is also in the race of top carpenters in Singapore. In terms of its services, Arcxource focus on interior design and carpentry. As a one-stop interior provider, Arcxource began by offering hospitality-related solutions but has since evolved into a company that caters to both commercial and residential clients. Arcxource is keenly focused on customer satisfaction, and as a result of this, they have achieved the best reviews in the field of reliable carpenters in Singapore and modern carpenters in Singapore. Therefore, they establish partnerships Stay up-to-date on market trends. There is no doubt that everything Arcxource produces is of the finest quality and will last a lifetime.

Contact: 97800018

Address: Midview City Singapore 573969 22 Sin Ming Lane #06-76

Operating Hours: You can find their operating hours on their website.

Website: arcxource.wixsite.com/home


Blackwood Carpentry



top carpenters in singapore

Blackwood Carpentry is one of the best carpenters in Singapore. They make bespoke cabinetry for kitchens, wardrobes, TV consoles, and more. The firm has also handled projects that include HDB units, condominiums, and landed properties, demonstrating its versatility. It is possible for them to provide high-quality service within the given timeframe due to the expertise and knowledge of their in-house carpenters.

Contact: 90191919

Address: S757700 38 woodlands industrial park E1 #05-01

Operating Hours: 

  • 9am-6pm, Weekdays
  • Saturday, 11am-6pm


Bideas Creations



modern carpenters singapore

Biddeas Creation offers in-home carpentry services for their clients, which is why they have built a reputation as best carpenters in Singapore. Covid protection solutions, interior and space planning, and promotional assistance are among their specialties. A group of best Carpenters committed to providing their clients with the highest quality management services, regardless of the occasion. Their support ensures that any event you organize will be branded to the highest standards.

Contact: 6743 3122

Address: Singapur 757322 280 Woodlands Industrial Park E5 #04-01

Operating Hours: 9am-6:30pm, Weekdays


IM Carpenter



cheap carpenters in singapore,

You can rely on IM Carpenter for woodworking and carpentry services. As one of top carpenters in Singapore, they work closely with their clients to develop a fantastic concept to exceed their expectations. Their designs are minimalistic yet efficient, and they specialize in residential properties. The innovative storage solutions and sophisticated ideas they offer create a delightful atmosphere in any house. Furthermore, their dedicated team won’t leave a single issue which makes you sad even though they have average reviews in Singapore carpenters reviews.

Contact: +65 6520 0803

Address: The Greenwich Singapore 807014, 7 Seletar Road, #01-22, Tower C

Operating Hours: You can find their operating hours on their website.

Website: imcarpenter.com.sg


Tian Fu Creation Interior



Carpenters in Singapore

As a Singapore-based company, Tian Fu Creation Interior focuses on providing excellent customer service to its clients, and they are among the top carpenters in Singapore. Depending on your preferences and needs, they can design a space that reflects them. Their team is made up of interior architects and best carpenters with years of experience. In addition, they have a carpentry business and a team of experienced and best carpenters in Singapore who guarantee high-quality work for their clients.

Contact: 6268 507

Address: In Woodlands Industrial Park E5, Building 280 #07-08 Harvest @ Woodlands, Singapore 757322

Website: 9am-6pm, Mon-Sat

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