4 Worst Places In Singapore 2024

Worst Places In Singapore

Although Singapore has a low crime rate, it hasn’t been without its share of criminal activities. Several areas in Singapore are considered dangerous, including Yishun North, Jurong West, Nanyang, and Geylang. In Singapore, fraud and theft are some of the most common crimes, even though they’re considered safe countries worldwide. Keeping that in mind, let’s examine some of the worst places in Singapore and find out what makes them problematic.

worst places to live in singapore


Jurong West


Jurong West

Jurong West is the worst place to live in Singapore. Jurong West experienced a rash of theft and break-ins in 2016, but security seems to have improved. However, other reports mention scams and e-commerce-related crimes becoming more common in recent years.

If you are a victim of any of these crimes, you should consult a criminal lawyer as soon as possible. In addition, investing in malware protection and creating strong passwords can help keep your business data safe. Various scammers can target you for a small transaction or a home renovation. Be wary of building contractors who are out to cheat you since they will give you telltale signs.


Yishun North


Yishun North

Yishun North is one of the worst places in Singapore. Yishun North has consistently been among the top five neighborhoods with the most reported crimes over the past decade. There were 232 reported harassment cases against loan sharks in 2016, which peaked at the top of the list.

It is possible to avoid this if people get legitimate and reputable personal loans rather than borrowing from loan sharks. The key to identifying these criminals is to look out for several red flags. Then, locals and visitors can both identify these criminals at a glance. It’s best to avoid them if they want to know the details of the credit card or bank account or ask for the passport, driver’s license, work permit, or employment pass.





Nanyang is the worst place in Singapore. In 2013, Nanyang’s reported crime rate spiked and continued until 2016. The good news is that crimes declined steadily by up to 61% after that.

Over the last four years, Nanyang has seen 76 cases of unlicensed money lending and thefts. Make sure that travel insurance covers theft if you travel to Nanyang.

For added security, try decluttering the wallet so it won’t steal your identity. A sturdy, fire-resistant, and theft-resistant travel backpack is also an excellent choice.





Geylang is the worst place in Singapore. The area is better known as a red-light district as the crime rates are high enough to cause police concern. It’s been the scene of several riots as well as assault and vandalism in recent years.

 To visit Geylang, ensure that wherever you are staying has a reliable security company keeping an eye on the place. Too often, the Singapore Police Force is stretched to the limit so private security personnel can help keep things safer.

It’s also a good idea to check if security cameras are in place before making a transaction anywhere. This way, you can be assured that things are being documented should a crime occur.

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