5 Best Circular Saws in Singapore 2024

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Circular saws are a must-have in your toolboxes. It makes a lot of tasks easier. Investing in a circular task is a big step, but you should make sure that you go for the best one that is worthy of your money. For instance, there are hundreds of circular saws in Singapore, making it confusing to choose the best ones. Besides, there are several things to consider before you buy a circular saw. 

Blade size

The usual and standard size of a circular saw blade is around 8 inches. But there are some blades that extend up to 16 inches. Our advice is that you should not go for a bigger blade at once. The type of blade that you should select always depends on the work you do. For instance, if you do tasks like wood trimming, it is better to go for a smaller blade. 


Are you wondering whether to buy a corded or cordless circular saw? There are pros and cons to everything. Cordless circular saws are portable and can be used without electricity. Yet their batteries are expensive and not that easy to find. On the other hand, if you are doing heavy construction projects, corded circular saws are the best ones. 

You ought to consider these two factors before you purchase a circular saw. So with that being said, let’s dig into the details. 

circular saw


Circular Saws 
Affordability Ratings
Highlights Ratings
Reviews Ratings
Total Score
DEKO Mini Circular Saw
S$ 141
INGCO CS15818 circular saw
S$ 68.31
OEM BDWTCH Electric Mini Circular Saw
S$ 135
Worcraft CS13185 Circular Saw
S$ 105
Bosch GKS 7000
S$ 150


DEKO Mini Circular Saw (8.6/10)


DEKO Mini Circular Saw

If you are looking for a circular saw in Singapore, DEKO Mini Circular Saw is the best. This is a mini circular saw that comes with 4 blades. You can cut wood, wood-like materials, plastics, tiles, circuit boards, and glass fiber using this circular saw. This is easy and comfortable to use since the design is lightweight and compact. At the same time, the grip is designed ergonomically for easy handling. Besides, this is so easy to use since there is a detachable blade guard. 


  • DEKO Mini Circular Saw is powerful and functional. 
  • This circular saw makes easy and precise cuts. 
  • It comes with a safety double switch. 
  • The operation is comfortable. 
  • It has an auxiliary handle. 

Price: S$ 141


INGCO CS15818 Circular Saw (8.8/10)


INGCO CS15818 circular saw is one of the best circular saws in Singapore. This circular saw comes with adjustable cutting and adjustable bevel cutting. It has a powerful and heavy-duty motor. At the same time, since this circular saw has an RPM of 5000, you can cut almost everything you need. Besides, the INGCO CS15818 circular saw comes with one extra circular saw blade and carbon brushes. Furthermore, it comes with various cutting capacities such as 45 degree:44 mm and 90 degrees: 65mm. 


  • The INGCO CS15818 circular saw comes with heavy-duty capacity. 
  • This circular has more sound when compared with other saws. 

Price: S$ 68.31


OEM BDWTCH Electric Mini Circular Saw (9.2/10)


OEM BDWTCH Electric Mini Circular Saw

If you are looking for a top-rated circular saw machine, do not forget to check out OEM BDWTCH Electric Mini Circular Saw. It comes with a metal handle and handheld design. At the same time, it has a 710W motor that can cut tiles, wood, metals, plastics, and floors. Also, there is a motor position that separates the front and rear gravity. Moreover, OEM BDWTCH Electric Mini Circular Saw has a laser guide and aluminum guard. The presence of a laser guide makes the cutting line more professional. The aluminum guard prevents the sparks from getting to you. Furthermore, this circular saw comes with 3 circular saw blades to cut wood, metal, tile, and plasterboard. Besides, this is perfect for plunge cuts as well. 


  • This circular saw is powerful and compact. 
  • It is safe to use. 
  • It also has a universal blade. 
  • It has a soft grip handle. 
  • OEM BDWTCH Electric Mini Circular Saw comes with a safety lock switch. 
  • It also comes with a UST adapter cap. 

Price: S$ 135


Worcraft CS13185 Circular Saw (9.3/10)


Worcraft CS13185 Circular Saw

Worcraft CS13185 Circular Saw is another best circular saw in Singapore. These are perfect for workshops and home projects. There are quick-release fasteners that allow fast depth and angle adjustments. The handle is non-slip, and it is comfortable as well. At the same time, there is a spring-loaded auto-retracting guard that keeps the user away from the blade. It can perform beveled cuts, angled cuts, rip cuts, and cross cuts. Besides, it comes with 1 extra blade for wood, a parallel guide, 1 hexagon wrench, 2 saw blade rings, and a carbon brush.


  • This circular saw is lightweight and powerful. 
  • This is highly versatile. 
  • It comes with a safety lock-off switch to prevent accidental start-up. 
  • The motor is 1300W. 

Price: S$105


Bosch GKS 7000 (08/10)


Bosch GKS 7000

If you want a circular saw that does not require much space, then Bosch GKS 7000 is the best one for you. This circular saw is lightweight and compact. It comes with an optimum lower guard profile for easy and smooth cutting. At the same time, it has a dust extraction hole. There is a turbo blower that gives a clear view of cutting on the workpiece for precision. It comes with a hex key, saw blade, wrench, and carton box. Furthermore, this saw is ideal for heavy and time-consuming building projects. 


  • This circular saw does not need much space. 
  • It can be handled easily and comfortably. 
  • This is portable as well. 
  • This is perfect for home renovations and furniture construction. 
  • It provides fatigue-free work. 

Price: S$ 150

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