5 Best Private Banking Services in Singapore 2024

Private Banking Service in Singapore

Private banking services are the best way to escape the frustrating banking services by working directly with a personal banker to get help on your finance management. This practice is also called relationship management. It is when a financial team or an individual is assigned to clients to handle their financial transactions within the bank.

Finding reliable private banking in Singapore is not an easy task. That is why we have researched the best service providers on your behalf. Keep reading to find the best banks that render private services near you.

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Best Private Banking services
Professionalism Ratings
Service Ratings
Total Score 
DBS Private Banking
Standard Chartered Priority Private
UOB Private Banking
HSBC Private Banking
OCBC Premier Private Client


DBS Private Banking – Private Banking Singapore

Score: 8.5/10


DBS Private Banking - Private Banking Singapore

Working with a reliable and reputable financial institution is crucial to ensuring your funds and investments are in safe hands. DBS Private Banking is private finance management for serious investors. It has been endorsed by the Development Bank of Singapore (DBS) as a reputable bank which goes over and beyond to satisfy customers.

DBS Private Banking offers equities, funds, fixed-income, commodities, and treasury products. Its investment services are tailored to meet clients’ long-term financial goals. The services obtainable at the firm include portfolio management, liquidity planning, succession planning, philanthropy, and so on.

This establishment provides numerous amenities and benefits. Some of the advantages you will get are airport lounge access, limousine services, hotel room upgrade, oversea schooling, as well as worldwide healthcare benefits.


  • Minimum of S$5 million investment fund 
  • Easy to use 
  • Numerous amenities and advantages
  • 24 hours online trading


  • dbs.com.sg


  • 18002211111


  • S$5 million


Standard Chartered Priority Private – Standard Chartered Private Banking

Score: 8.9/10


Standard Chartered Priority Private - Standard Chartered Private Banking

Standard Chartered Priority Private assists clients looking to manage and increase their assets. It assigns every client a team of professional relationship management to oversee their financial activities for better investment and trade choices.

Standard Chartered Priority is one of the best private banks for those with smaller investment assets. Also, the bank should be your top pick if you travel frequently. It offers various incentives that make travelling more pleasant.

The travel incentives provided by this private bank include an airport limousine service every year from any airport. There is also an entitlement. Over 400 top-rated restaurants in different countries offer concierge services.

In addition, a client will gain access to more than 1,000 airport lounge networks in over 130 countries with no limits. Standard Chartered Priority Private is one of the few private banks that offer these travel perks, making it an excellent choice for travellers.


  • Open to individuals with S$ 1.5 million worth 
  • Access to accredited investors
  • Multiple travel privileges


  • sc.com 


  • 1800 472 2669


  • S$1.5 million


UOB Private Banking – Asia Private Banking

Score: 8.8/10


UOB Private Banking - Asia Private Banking

UOB Private Banking is a premium service Applicants with net assets of more than $5 million are eligible. It is one of the most recognised banks in the world and has been providing excellent Services provided to some of Singapore’s wealthiest residents. 

UOB uses three investment strategies, which are asset allocation, sustainability, and diversification. The business has senior advisors who conduct complimentary consultations on clients’ investment portfolios. This is one of the qualities that make UOB Singapore’s leading private bank for long-term investors.

 If you’re a serious investor, you will want to give their UOB private banking service a try. They are highly professional and do not disappoint in terms of perks. With this firm, you will get regular discounts and travel bonuses in addition to the normal membership benefits.


  • Open for individuals with S$5 million and above worth 
  • Innovative investment approach
  • Travel perks and other rewards 


  • uob.com.sg


  • 1800 222 2121


  • S$5 million


HSBC Private Banking – Best Private Banking in Singapore

Score: 8.7/10


HSBC Private Banking - Best Private Banking in Singapore

HSBC Private Banking works with multinational families to provide finance and asset management. This bank is the best place to be if you are searching for private banks in Singapore to help safeguard your family’s future.

HSBC Private Banking has a trained, skilled, and experienced staff of financial experts in legacy planning, family governance, wealth succession, and wealth structuring. With that, you can rest assured that you and your loved ones are in safe hands.

In order to open a Private Banking account with HSBC, you must have $5 million in investable funds. Unlike other banks, it does not offer many incentives over rival institutions. Another good thing is that the firm connects clients to trading and investment possibilities.


  • For those with a minimum of $5 million investment fund 
  • Global investment opportunities
  • Best bank for family wealth management


  • hsbcprivatebank.com


  • 1800 472 2669


  • $5 million


OCBC Premier Private Client – City Private Banking

Score: 8.4/10


OCBC Premier Private Client - City Private Banking

Our last item on the list is the best Singapore private banking OCBC Premier Private Client. This business boasts of expert financial analysts who handle a wide range of subjects such as investment decision, mortgage, insurance, and many others. The firm requires the lightest investment minimums for eligibility.

This company has a wealth management team who keeps clients up to date on unique investment ideas and the latest market development. OCBC Premier Private Client One of the few banks that provides this service, frequent advice sessions for its wealth management team.

Furthermore, OCBC has an exclusive program called Voyage. Subscribing to the Voyage card enables clients to enjoy several lifestyles and travel benefits.


  • Open for individuals with investment assets of S$1 million and above 
  • Lower requirement of investable assets
  • The eligibility payment qualifies you as an accredited investor
  • A team of experienced financial and wealth experts


  • ocbc.com 


  • 1800 424 8888


  • S$1 million

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