5 Most Popular Sports in Singapore 2024

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If you consider a trip to Singapore and enjoy sports, you can find much to do there. The country prioritizes sports and is regarded as one of the best in the region. Numerous sports are dominated by their athletes, many of whom are among the best in the country and sometimes even in the world. Singapore has seen an increase in sporting engagement in recent years, with Singapore athletes competing in various national and international tournaments. This article consists of the five most popular sports Singapore.      

popular sports in singapore



most popular sports in singapore

Football is the most popular and recognized national game in Singapore. Young and old Singaporeans alike need personal football trainers due to their popularity. Due to the sport’s enthusiasts, athletic accessories like compression socks and football gear are also popular.

Injuries and sprains are also susceptible to knee pain due to strong football kicks and blocks, which can also be prevented with exercises. Furthermore, the oldest football association in Asia is the Football Association of Singapore (FAS).





Golf is an ideal sport in Singapore. Golf is often the physical activity of choice for Singaporeans who prefer individual sports. However, even though golfers can play the game on manicured greens, their best competitors are themselves.

There are around 15 golf courses and numerous golf coaches all over Singapore. Despite its popularity, this particular sport is considered an elite activity. Professional memberships are required before golfers can use a caddy to carry their clubs and umbrellas while practicing their swing.




Tennis is a popular sport in Singapore. Tennis can provide overall body exercise equal to a good gym workout with dumbbells. However, it also requires focus and concentration, necessitating a sharp mind and quick reflexes.

Playing tennis vigorously for an hour can burn 600 calories. So if you want to improve your backhand and lob while staying fit, that’s a good incentive. Tennis lessons in Singapore will help to improve the game since it is also a competitive sport. Professional tennis players are among the highest-paid athletes, so if you become one, you should know this.





Basketball is the highly preferred sport in Singapore. From private schools to public courts, it is a widespread physical activity. As a team sport, it demonstrates how well a team works together to win the game and an individual player’s strengths and skills.

There is a strong team spirit and competitive nature in Singaporeans when it comes to basketball. Therefore, organizations such as the Basketball Association of Singapore have made it possible for aspiring players to become even better and more skilled.


Baseball and softball


Baseball and softball

Baseball and softball are popular summer sports in Singapore. Governed by the Singapore Baseball and Softball Association, this sport is played at the local level. They have various teams based on gender and age categories. The national teams compete against other Asian and international teams regularly.

The organization’s weekend sports include baseball and softball. The primary reason is that the organization registers many teams from schools, colleges, and other organizations, making it one of Singapore’s top sports. On their website, tickets are sold, and schedules are regularly updated.

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