6 Best Ear Piercing Singapore Places 2024

Embarking on the journey of adorning your ears with exquisite piercings is a personal and exciting endeavor. In the bustling city of Singapore, finding the perfect spot for an ear piercing Singapore experience that seamlessly blends safety, expertise, and a touch of trendiness is essential. In this guide, we unveil the 6 best ear-piercing destinations in Singapore for 2024, ensuring a harmonious fusion of professionalism and style. Let’s dive into the details of these stellar establishments that have earned their stripes in delivering top-notch ear-piercing services.

Best Ear Piercing Singapore

Best Ear Piercing Singapore
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Rise Above Tattoo & Piercing
Stege Gallery
Piercing Clinic

Stellar: Elevating Ear Piercing to a New Standard

Stellar in SingaporeStellar, a beacon of excellence in the realm of ear piercing, promises a swift and comfortable experience. Their unique piercing instrument, operated with gentle hand pressure and near-silent precision, sets them apart. With a team of experienced technicians performing over 10,000 piercings annually, Stellar specializes in catering to all ages, especially excelling in children’s ear piercing. The use of real silver jewelry and a friendly approach, including a unique certificate for young patrons, makes Stellar a standout choice.

Address: 1 Somerset Rd, #B1-03 at Somerset MRT Station, Singapore 238162

Contact: +65 6694 3255

Working Hours: Mon-Sun: 12.30-8.30 pm

Rise Above Tattoo & Piercing: Where Art Meets Precision

Rise Above Tattoo & Piercing in SingaporeFounded in 2012 by Boon, an ink artist with over a decade of experience, Rise Above Tattoo & Piercing is a boutique destination for both tattoos and piercings. Their seasoned artists are dedicated to showcasing the beauty of body art, making them a go-to for those seeking professional ear-piercing services. Whether you’re a veteran enthusiast or a newcomer, the friendly artists at Rise Above are ready to transform your vision into reality.

Address: 14 Scotts Road Far East Plaza #04-70, Singapore 228213

Contact: +65 6235 5610

Working Hours: Mon-Fri: 1-8 pm, Sat-Sun: 1-7 pm

Stege Gallery: A Testament to Hygienic Excellence

Stege Gallery in SingaporeEstablished in 1997, Stege Gallery boasts piercing services for all age groups, adhering to the highest hygienic standards. Their commitment to quality is evident in using world-class jewelry, tested and approved by international ministries. As pioneers in sending their body jewelry for testing, Stege Gallery ensures a wide selection of materials and adherence to global safety standards, making them a trustworthy choice for piercing needs.

Address: 6 Raffles Blvd, Singapore 039594

Contact: +65 6342 1617

Working Hours: Mon-Sun: 11 am-9 pm

Lovisa: Trendy Elegance and Expertise Combined

Lovisa in SingaporeLovisa, born out of a desire for on-trend fashion jewelry at affordable prices, is not just a jewelry business but a trendsetter. With a constant influx of 150 new pieces weekly, Lovisa stands out for its trendy piercing services. Their artists, well-versed in cutting-edge piercing technology and safety protocols, ensure a perfect piercing experience. With various locations, Lovisa brings trendy ear piercing Singapore services closer to everyone.

Address: Multiple locations, Visit their website for more info on locations.

Contact: Varies according to the place.

Working Hours: Varies according to the place.

Piercing Clinic: Setting the Gold Standard in Cleanliness

Piercing Clinic in SingaporePiercing Clinic, with a specialization from newborns to adults, takes pride in using the world’s best jewelry with the highest sanitary standards. Since 1997, they have been pioneers in having their body jewelry tested for integrity. Their comprehensive systems cater to all piercing requirements, ensuring the best materials and a diverse range of options to meet the highest cleanliness and quality standards.

Address: 6 Raffles Blvd, Singapore 039594

Contact: +65 8883 6188

Working Hours: Mon-Fri: 7 am-7.30 pm

B*dazzle: Dazzling Elegance for Over 30 Years

B*dazzle in SingaporeWith a legacy of satisfying over a million clients for more than three decades, Bdazzle is synonymous with high standards and expertise. They cater to all age groups, utilizing sealed, sanitized earrings imported from the United States. With piercing done through disposable cartridges and a specially formulated Ear Care Solution, Bdazzle ensures the fastest recovery for freshly pierced ears. Their commitment to excellence makes them a prime choice for exquisite ear piercing Singapore.

Address: 435 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238877

Contact: +65 6235 6948

Working Hours: Mon-Sun: 10.30 am-10 pm

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