6 Best Trampoline Parks in Singapore in 2023

Best Trampoline Parks

Interested in doing an exciting and fun activity with your friends or family? You won’t be disappointed with the trampoline parks in Singapore! A number of trampoline parks near me are available throughout the country, each with its own unique features. This blog post introduces you to six of the best trampoline parks in Singapore. Isn’t it time to get started? Come on, let’s bounce!

trampoline parks near me

Best trampoline parks in Singapore.

Trampoline Parks
Total Score 
The Yard
Bouncy Paradise
AMPED Trampoline park
Bounce Singapore


(Total Score:9/10)


trampoline parks singapore

It is suitable for all children of all ages and genders who are welcome to explore the free-roaming park. Despite not being a trampoline park specifically, it offers a variety of other activities at one location (as well as trampolining). In contrast to the trampoline area, there is a foam pit where you can perform somersaults easily! It is essential to remember that children must be at least 120 cm tall in order to do trampolining!

There are two levels of unlimited activities at Superpark, and in addition to the trampoline area, it also has a Pedal Car Track with tricycles, popular ball games like SuperBall and BaseBall, interactive games like SuperHoop, and SuperPinBall, as well as adrenaline-pumping games like Skate & Scoot, Augmented Climbing, SuperClimb and Tube Slide. Flying foxes and slides with inner tubes are also available.

Differentiating factors 

  • Despite not being a trampoline park specifically, it does offer other activities in one place (as well as trampolining).

Address: #Suntec City (North Wing, 3 Temasek Blvd, Tower 1, Singapore 038983)

Phone: +6562395360

Operating Hours:

  • Monday – Friday ( 10 AM – 8 PM)
  • Saturday & Sunday ( 9 AM – 9 PM )

The Yard

(Total Score:8.9/10)


 trampoline parks in singapore

One of Singapore’s most highly regarded areas for recreational and competitive gymnastics for kids of all ages is The Yard, which isn’t necessarily a trampoline park, but does have trampolines. In addition to their 20,000 square foot gym in Jurong, The Yard offers gymnastics, parkour, and trampolining classes to children of all ages in Dempsey, as well as a new facility that offers beautiful views of the city.

Differentiating factors

  • Children of all ages can learn gymnastics, parkour, and trampolining at The Yard’s two locations (including Jurong’s huge 20,000 square foot gym and Dempsey’s beautiful new facility).

Address: Bestway Centre, #01-03, 10 Science Centre Rd, Singapore 609079

Phone: +6568168022

Operating Hours:

  • Monday – Friday ( 9 AM- 8 PM)
  • Saturday and Sunday ( 9 AM – 5 PM)

Bouncy Paradise

(Total Score:8.5/10)


trampoline parks

This is not a trampoline park per se, but rather a bouncy inflatable playground! There are a number of trampolines and ball pits large enough to swim in with unicorn floats in the kid’s area, among other things, and a 20,000-square-foot bouncy castle platform with 20 rainbow slides. Booking a slot and bringing socks are needed. There is only a weekend or holiday opening.

Differentiating factors

  • It’s not actually a trampoline park, but it is a bouncy inflatable playground!

Address: Singapore 609336, 200 Pandan Gardens

Phone: +6587792057

Operating Hours:

  • Tuesday – Friday ( Closed)
  •  Saturday & Sunday ( 10 AM – 8 PM)
  • Monday ( 1 AM- 6  PM)

AMPED Trampoline park

(Total Score:8.75/10)


cheap trampoline parks

Singapore’s AMPED Trampoline Park is one of the best places to bounce. Your appointment can be booked online with River Valley because the staff is highly professional and organized. Schedules are kept simple and straightforward to prevent things from getting out of hand. Make sure you have your socks on (special grip socks are required), grab your coloured bracelet, and get ready to dance! They have a special session for little bouncers under 5-years-old on Wednesdays from 10 am-12 pm.

Differentiating factors

  • You can book an appointment online easily at River Valley because the staff is highly professional and organized.

Address: The Herencia Level 2, Sports Hall, 46 Kim Yam Road, Singapore 239351

Phone: +6582285961

Operating Hours:

  • From Tue – Fri ( 9 AM – 8 PM )
  • Sat-Sun ( 9 AM – 9 PM )
  • Monday ( 9 AM- 7 PM )

Bounce Singapore

(Total Score:8/10)


kids trampoline parks

Besides offering five dedicated trampoline areas depending on interest and ability, BOUNCE Singapore has a huge, multicultural team of enthusiastic young employees. In addition to the “Leap of Faith”, Bounce Singapore also has a challenging obstacle course called “X-Park”. You can jump freestyle and bounce off the walls here, as well as participate in a wide variety of children’s activities. Junior jumpers who are under 110cm (but can walk unassisted) have designated hours at Bounce Singapore. Please note that BOUNCE Singapore requires everyone to wear their special grip socks at a cost of $3 as part of their strict safety policies.

Differentiating factors 

  • A number of exciting activities can be found at Bounce Singapore, including the “Leap of Faith”, the Slam Dunk area, and the super-fun obstacle course “X-Park”.

Address: Singapore 239695, 8 Grange Road, #09-01 Cineleisure

Phone: +6568162879

Operating Hours:

  • From Tuesday – Thursday ( 10 AM – 8 PM)
  • Friday ( 10 AM – 9 PM )
  • Saturday ( 9 AM – 9 PM )
  • Sunday ( 9 AM – 7 PM )
  • Monday (10 AM – 8 PM )


(Total Score:8.5/10)


singapore trampoline parks

With over 30 interconnected trampolines and 14,000 square feet of jumping action, Katapult is Singapore’s first dedicated trampoline park. It is important to note that bounce time begins on the hour (if you arrive at 10.05, you will need to wait until the 11 am session). One of the highlights of the Yishun complex is freefalling 3 metres onto an airbag and wall while running on an Olympic trampoline. A gravity-defying experience is made even more thrilling with Slam Dunk lanes, Extreme Dodgeball, and more! Besides being open to all ages, Katapult offers free jumping for children under the age of four with one adult. A $3 non-jumping fee is charged for accompanying children 5 years old and older.

Differentiating factors

  • It consists of over 30 interconnected trampolines, Katapult is Singapore’s first dedicated trampoline park.

Address: Lor Chencharu, 01-11, Singapore 769198

Phone: +6567545188

Operating Hours:

  • Monday ( 12 PM – 7 PM )
  • Tue – Fri ( 10 AM – 7 PM )
  • Saturday and Sunday ( 10 AM – 9 PM )

On the school holidays,  it closes at 9:00 p.m.

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