7 Best Backpacks in Singapore 2023

Best Backpacks

Backpacks are essential pieces of backpacking gear. The backpacks need to be comfortable, durable, and versatile so that you can easily carry all your belongings. In addition to keeping you organized on the go, good backpacks will also keep you from forgetting anything important when you leave for an adventure or trip. There can be a lot of factors to consider when choosing backpacks, and we understand that. Choosing from a variety of brands and styles makes it hard to make the right choice. Listed below are seven of the best backpacks available for purchase in Singapore. Both men’s and women’s backpacks are included in this list!

waterproof backpacks


Total Score 
XD Bobby Bizz
Targus Newport Backpack
CamPro Black
Deuter Futura Vario 50 + 10
Jansport Superbreak
Lotuff Leather Backpack


XD Bobby Bizz



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Are you in the process of preparing for your upcoming company trip? It’s recommended that you bring the XD Bobby Bizz, one of the best backpacks, with you if that’s the case! There are two different styles of laptop sleeves available: briefcases and backpacks. You can keep your laptop and essential papers safe with its integrated zinc alloy lock. These backpacks come with USB charging ports, so you can charge your phone on the go. A metal frame holds everything in place and supports the contents. As with its previous counterpart, this one also features secret compartments where you can store your cards and travel essentials.


$130.00(Price may vary at the time of purchase)

Key Differentiators

  • A 2-year guarantee is offered
  • The charger port integrated into the device
  • It has padded compartments for a laptop of 15.6″ and a tablet of up to 10″
  • Safety stripes with illumination
  • Polyester fabric with water-repellent properties





under armour backpacks

The founder of Shimoda Designs, Ian Millar, is a lifelong adventurer, snowboarder, and product designer who has created some of the most advanced camera backpacks available and one of the best backpacks for work on the market. In addition to his long-standing mission to help mountain sickness victims, Ian’s new endeavor is his next step in that mission. In terms of reducing discomfort, fatigue, and suffering caused by foul mountain weather, this approach incorporates all his learnings into a holistic approach that utilizes cutting-edge materials and technologies. Adventure lovers will enjoy the products because these backpacks provide a clear indication of what they are looking for.

For individuals who cannot resist excitement and danger, Shimoda is the right company for them. An explorer who has lived a life of exploration created Shimoda with the intention of maximizing every journey. There are no other backpacks on the market that can compete with them when it comes to comfort, safety, and accessibility for every outdoor scenario.


$390.00(Price may vary at the time of purchase)

Key Differentiators 

  • Design ranges from simple to complex
  • Photographers will find it perfect
  • High-quality and heavy-duty


Targus Newport Backpack



vans backpacks

Leading up to the holiday season vacation, students begin shopping for backpacks to take them through the new semester. There is no doubt that the Targus Newport Backpack is among the best backpacks on the market today.

Despite their sleek style, these backpacks are extremely efficient. The backpack has numerous compartments for a laptop, daily essentials, and travel items, making it a great choice for work. The pockets in your jacket can be hidden to keep your valuables safe within the backpack’s compartments. You can also quickly retrieve items from front zippered pockets. There are two convenient top handles included on these backpacks, and their shoulder straps are extremely flexible. This item is constructed from weather-resistant nylon and leatherette, which contributes to its durability.


$40.00(Price may vary at the time of purchase)

Key Differentiators

  • These backpacks can accommodate laptops up to 15″ in screen size
  • The black 12 Litre weighs 560 grams
  • Size: 28.50×8.3×39.50cm
  • Dimensions: 35.9 x 24.7
  • Warranty for a limited time only


CamPro Black



best backpacks

Getting one of these best backpacks is a must if you are a photographer who spends a lot of time outdoors photographing the street or landscape. Photographers will appreciate the CamPro Black backpacks, which is an urban-inspired bag that can also be used as a camera bag. With its convertible design and practical features, the Campro backpack is ideal for people who want more from their backpacks. The bag is functional and convertible, making it the best backpacks to carry everything you need in one place.

As a result of its spacious top and main compartments, it is capable of accommodating up to four cameras or other devices without appearing bulky. Furthermore, it comes with both chest and waist straps to help support your back while you walk for an extended period.


$199.00(Price may vary at the time of purchase)

Key Differentiators

  • The bag holds a DSLR camera, four lenses, a flash, and a 70-200 zoom lens
  • Laptops up to 15.4″ can be accommodated
  • Gear can be stored in two separate compartments
  • Interior dividers with padded touch-fastenings


Deuter Futura Vario 50 + 10



small backpacks

It is evident from first glance that the Deuter Futura Vario 50 + 10 is designed for people who are active. Best backpacks for work feature backpacks that are specifically designed for extended periods of outdoor activity. Due to its features, it’s perfect for extreme activities. Among these features is the Aircomfort system, which provides maximum ventilation when exposed to high temperatures.

Weight is evenly distributed, as you can see on the rear, by the hip belt and the back panel. As a result, it provides a pleasant fit. Additionally, the top lid may be adjusted to provide a greater amount of storage space. Mother Nature will not stop you no matter what. The rain hood on the bag keeps you protected. When it comes to Singapore backpacks that are water-resistant, these backpacks are fantastic.

An extended journey will not be a problem with this bag as it is designed to last a long time and has several compartments where you can keep your clothes, food, equipment, and other belongings.


$321.15(Price may vary at the time of purchase)

Key Differentiators

  • 50% of the materials are recycled
  • Free of PFCs
  • Sensic PRO Aircomfort Backsystem
  • Through Natural Ergonomics, the Perfect Fit is Achieved


Jansport Superbreak



puma backpacks

Backpacks made by Jansport are known for their high quality and long-lasting durability. Meanwhile, their basic product, the Jansport Superbreak, is nothing to complain about.

Designed for everyday use, the classic design boasts an ultra-lightweight aluminum frame and two main compartments. It has both shoulder straps and the top handle straps are adjustable.

There are also a variety of colors available, so you can choose whatever you like. Due to its timeless and classic design, it’s considered one of Singapore’s finest and best backpacks!


$35.00(Price may vary at the time of purchase)

Key Differentiators

  • Straps that are padded
  • A compartment for storing organizers
  • Pocket for water bottles


Lotuff Leather Backpack



 Best Backpacks

It combines the functionality of backpacks with the elegance of a briefcase, making it a one-of-a-kind piece of luggage. All the features you’d expect from an item of this kind are included in this handcrafted piece from New England. The double gusset design of this bag makes it perfect for business commutes or travel. In addition, the bag has a zippered pocket on the back for securing valuables, laptops, and tablets.

Despite being classified as men’s backpacks, these are clearly designed to look like backpacks for women. It is possible to dress up any style of clothing with these leather backpacks in Singapore.


$1300.00(Price may vary at the time of purchase)

Key Differentiators

  • Briefcase and backpack in one
  • The product is handcrafted 
  • Construction with two gussets
  • Zipper pocket on the back

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