7 Best Grand Opening Flower Stands in Singapore 2023

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Business starts on the first day, one of the most important days. You can showcase your entire product line to the general public during this time. Your visitors and other prospective clients may be pleasantly surprised if you have blooms during the launch date. You can buy grand opening flower stands in Singapore from the list below if you want to open up a stall or have friends who wish to venture into a specific industry. This article consists of the seven best grand opening flowers stands in Singapore. 

grand opening flower stand

Affordability Ratings
Quality Ratings
Total Score 
Her Flowers
SGD 35.87
G-Flower Stand
SGD 55.00
Little Flower Hut
SGD 41.61
Flowers & Co
SGD 71.60
Happy Bunch 
SGD 107.61
Prince’s Flower Shop
SGD 97.57
Little Red Dot Florist
SGD 142.05


Her Flowers

Score: 9/10


Her Flowers

Her Flowers is a unique grand opening flower stand in Singapore. It features a handpicked selection of floral arrangements and hampers perfect for giving as presents or tokens for special days, including anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, and grand openings. 

There’s nothing better to make an occasion more festive than with the Vibrant Congratulations flower stand, filled with crimson flowers like red carnations, anthurium, and red gingers.

Price: SGD 35.87

Where:  631 Bedok Reservoir Rd, Singapore 470631

Contact:  +65 6242 1762

When to visit: From Sun-Sat: 10 am – 6 pm


G-Flower Stand



G-Flower Stand

G Flower provides a flower stand for grand opening in Singapore. They are Singapore’s top flower wholesaler in terms of flowers & quality.

Every flower stand is crafted especially & carefully, with only the highest quality & freshest flowers used. When you need a flower stand, they provide free same-day delivery to your doorstep.

G Flowers believes that flowers have strong power to change the mood of a person & live up to an environment. They offer a variety of congratulatory & grand opening flower stands that can help lift the hearts of people & bring merriment to celebrations.

Price: Starts from SGD 55

Where: 101 Kallang Ave, #01-20 Victoria Wholesale Centre, Singapore 339508

Contact: +65 9666 4488

When to visit: Open 24 hours


Little Flower Hut

Score: 8.87/10


grand opening flower stand sg

Little Flower Hut is a fantastic choice for affordable grand opening flower stands in Singapore. Singaporeans can send flowers for SGD68, which include a bunch of yellow gerberas arranged on a golden box stand that declares, “You made it!” to your chosen recipient. In addition, they offer triple-bloom arrangements, and more extensive flower stands on their higher-end products.

Moreover, one can receive same-day delivery by placing the order by 4 pm Monday through Friday and noon on Saturday. 

Price: SGD 41.61

Where: 25 Jln Chegar, Singapore 578483

Contact:  +65 6503 9750

When to visit: Open 24 hours.


Flowers & Co



Flowers & Co

Flowers & Co is perfect for grand opening flower stands in Singapore. Modern and fresh blooms are available at the shop. In addition, a variety of different and extravagant arrangements are available for specific occasions. For example, the shop sells flowers for graduations, birthdays, and grand openings.  

Moreover, the shop offers beautiful flower stands at an affordable prices.

Price: SGD 71.60

Where: Singapore

Contact: +65 3163 9387

When to visit: Open 24 hours.


Happy Bunch (Singapore) – Flower & Gift Delivery



Happy Bunch (Singapore) - Flower & Gift Delivery

Happy Bunch is a favorite choice for Singapore’s modern grand opening flower stand. The shop continues to serve the local community with its excellent and artistic flower arrangements. Further, they can cater to many different occasions, such as ceremonies for grand openings, funerals, and other special events. However, their primary purpose is to provide happiness to their clients—which they do through their prompt and fast service.

Price: SGD 107.61

Where: 201 Henderson Rd, #07-08 Apex @ Henderson, Singapore 159545

Contact: N/A

When to visit:

  • From Mon-Sat: 9 am – 6 pm
  • On Sun: Closed


Prince’s Flower Shop

Score: 8.25/10


Prince's Flower Shop

Prince’s Flower Shop is the best choice for a grand opening flower stand in Singapore. Most of their creations are sophisticated, making them ideal for exclusive, private, and first-class occasions.

In addition, one can include the company’s logo or the messages for the stands. They also have a grandstand slightly wider than the usual flower stand. Every option is exceptional, so take the time to choose the most appropriate one for the event.

Price: SGD 97.57

Where:  3A Lor Ah Thia, Singapore 679278

Contact: +65 6766 7000

When to visit: From Sun-Sat: 8:30 am – 5:30 pm


Little Red Dot Florist

Score: 8.5/10


Little Red Dot Florist

Little Red Dot Florist is a well-known shop for grand opening flower stand in Singapore. The shop provides a wide range of colorful and gorgeous blooms, including lilies, roses, and many more. However, one has a few options regarding their opening ceremony flowers in Singapore.

Grand opening flower arrangements can also be customized in Singapore, providing a concept for the overall design.

Price: SGD 142.05

Where: 10 Kaki Bukit Ave 4, #04-74, Singapore 415874

Contact:  +65 9367 3118

When to visit: From Sun-Sat: 8 am – 5 pm

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