7 Best Sea Burial Services in Singapore 2024

sea burial service singapore

Losing our loved ones is not an easy task to deal with. People believe in various rights, and sea burial is one of them. Also, sea burials keep getting popular these days. So this article is about the best sea burial services in Singapore. 

sea burial service


Sea Burial
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Gallant Gardens
Empathy Funeral Services
Passion Bereavement Care
The Resting Place
Singapore Casket
All Saints Bereavement Care Pte Ltd
Celebration of Life


Gallant Gardens (9.6/10)


sea burial service singapore

If you are looking for the best sea burial services, Gallant Gardens is perfect for you. They offer an extensive range of services. They perform funeral rites according to the needs and wishes of the customers. At the same time, they perform funeral services according to various religions as well. For instance, they perform Chinese funerals, Catholic funerals, Christian funerals, Soka funerals, and Taoist funerals as well. So if you want to have a Buddhist sea burial, a catholic sea burial, or a Christian sea burial, Gallant Gardens can get it done for you. 


  • Gallant Gardens was established in 1996. 
  • The prices are competitive.
  • The customer service is top-notch. 

Address: Number 300, Mandai Rd, Singapore 779393

Contact Details: +65 66775520/ cs@gallantgarden.com

Operating Hours: Open 24 Hours


Empathy Funeral Services (9.3/10)


sea burial singapore price

Empathy Funeral Services offers the best sea burial services in Singapore. Their services include Buddhist funerals, Christain funerals, Roman catholic funerals, Taoist funerals, non-religious funerals, and direct cremation. Other than these funeral services, they also offer services such as 

  • Coordination of funerals
  • Providing funeral supplies such as caskets or urns
  • Providing post-funeral services such as memorial ceremonies. 

At the same time, their sea burial services are known to be affordable since they keep all the funeral organizations in-house. So there are no middlemen and extra expenses. Also, you have nothing to worry about sea burial costs with them. 


  • They offer affordable and quality services. 
  • They also offer funeral pre-planning services. 
  • They offer both religious and non-religious funeral packages. 
  • They offer quality customer service. 
  • Their price ranges are transparent. 

Address: 6 Yishun Industrial Street 1, 08-13 North View Bizhub, Singapore 768090

Contact Details: +65 6850 5023/ care@empathyfuneral.sg

Operating Hours: 24 hours


Passion Bereavement Care (9.1/10)


singapore sea burial

You cannot ignore Passion Bereavement Care when it comes to Singapore sea burial. They specialize in sea burial services in Singapore. They take responsibility for every task and take the burden to perform a great funeral service away from you. You are informed about the sea burial procedures first. Other than sea burial services, they also offer funeral services, such as

  • Professional embalming
  • Casket
  • Pallbearer services
  • Funeral hearse
  • Assist in cremation services
  • Transportation of the deceased
  • Claiming body from the hospital or home
  • Funeral arrangement services
  • Assist in ash collection


  • Their sea burial procedure would take around 30 minutes. 
  • They offer to counsel as well. 

Address: 3 Gul Street 1, Level 2, Singapore 629316

Contact Details: +65 9450 3710/ deborah@passioncare.com.sg

Operating Hours: Open 24 Hours


The Resting Place (8.4/10)


singapore casket sea burial

The Resting Place is a funeral bereavement service company in Singapore. They specialize in Christian sea burial services in Singapore. They have served clients from the public and private sectors over the years. At the same time, they offer numerous services and products for funeral houses.  


  • The Resting Place was established in the 2000s. 
  • They offer low-cost and high-quality burial services. 
  • They have more than 20 years of experience. 

Address: Blk 4 Toa Payoh Industrial Park #01-1337 Lorong 8 Toa Payoh, S (319 056)

Contact Details: (65) 6533 1787

Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM


Singapore Casket (8.7/10)


 sea burial catholic singapore

Singapore Casket is another top-rated place that offers sea burials in Singapore. They offer a wide variety of services such as buses & hearses, food catering, photo enlargement, obituary placement, flower arrangements & wreaths, embalming, and make-up services. At the same time, they offer funeral parlors, HDB Void Deck, landed property, or open space burial and cremation services. Furthermore, they provide post-funeral services like columbarium & slab, gemstones, exhumation, relocation, and Ji Lang services. 


  • They offer one-stop funeral services. 
  • The team is highly professional and friendly. 
  • They offer pre-planning services as well. 

Address: 131 Lavender Street, Singapore 338737

Contact Details:  (65) 6293 4388

Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday, 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM


All Saints Bereavement Care Pte Ltd (09/10)


sea burial singapore cost

You get the best funeral services from here at All Saints Bereavement Care Pte Ltd. They specialize in sea burials in Singapore. They take you to a sea burial site after the cremation, and this process takes around one hour and thirty minutes. At the same time, they offer products and services such as

  • Bereavement procedures
  • Urns
  • International repatriation
  • Concierge
  • Hearse
  • Caskets
  • Service offerings
  • Funeral parlors
  • Night security 
  • Transport


  • They have 15 years of experience. 
  • Their rates are transparent and affordable. 

Address:84 Geylang Bahru, #01-2678, Geylang Bahru Industrial Estate, Singapore 339692 

Contact Details:  1800-777-2722/ info@allsaintsfunerals.com

Operating Hours: Open 24 Hours


Celebration of Life (8.9/10)


 Sea Burial Services

Celebration of Life is a one-stop funeral service in Singapore. They deliver funeral services to all races and religions. They have several services, such as 

  • Fetus/ toddler funeral packages
  • Christian/ freethinker funeral packages
  • Buddhist funeral packages
  • Hindu funeral services
  • Sikh funeral services
  • 3-D backdrop
  • Repatriation services
  • Funeral coaches
  • Limousine services

Besides, they offer their service to voluntary welfare organizations, nursing homes, hospices, churches, and the destitute. 


  • They offer their services for affordable prices. 
  • Celebration of Life was established in 2017. 
  • They provide pre-planning services as well. 

Address: 145 Woodlands Industrial Park E5, Operations at Blk 38 Sin Ming Drive

Contact Details: +65 8122 6122/ admin@celebrationoflife.sg

Operating Hours: 24 hours

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