7 Best Wedding Florists To Get Bridal Bouquets From in Singapore 2023

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Brides look forward to and look forward to weddings as one of their most awaited and happiest moments. A bridal bouquet is synonymous with a wedding, so you can’t imagine a wedding without one. In addition, bridal bouquets often serve as symbols for weddings since each part represents something. For example, marriage symbolizes happiness and satisfaction, while the ribbon holding the flowers together means fellowship. The bridal bouquets are not only symbolic, but they also enhance the beauty of the bride, making her look even more beautiful and elegant. When a bridal bouquet is of this much importance, it should match the bride’s dress well. This article consists of the Seven Top Wedding Florists To Get Bridal Bouquets in Singapore.  

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Affordability Ratings
Quality Ratings
Services Ratings
Total Score
SGD 110.08
Royal Blooms
SGD 177.67
Dan Takeda
SGD 170.56
Floral Magic
SGD 238.79
CC Lee Designs
SGD 426.41
SGD 126.11
Poppy Flora Studio
SGD 120



Score: 9.33/10


 wedding florists singapore

Boenga is ideal for a wedding florist to get a bridal bouquet in Singapore. The bouquets of these florists are well known for their outstanding creativity and originality. Brides can almost feel their aesthetic vibe because they are so unique.

Therefore, the owner has received several International awards and is famous for customized bouquets. There are a lot of vibrant colors and fresh flowers in their bouquets. In addition, Boenga provides other services associated with weddings, like wedding planning, decorations, lighting, flower arrangements, etc.

Price: SGD 110.08

Where: 40C Harding Road, 3rd Floor, Singapore 249548

Contact: +6564231400


Royal Blooms

Score: 8.08/10


best wedding florists

Royal Blooms is an excellent wedding florist to get a bridal bouquet in Singapore. They create the bouquets using only the freshest selections of the week. Having been one of the best wedding florists for a long time, they understand that a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event and are determined to make it the most memorable moment for the bride. They are most proud of their creative work.

In addition, the florist provides a wide range of bespoke floral arrangements, including boutonnieres, venue decorations, floral arches, bridal essentials, and much more.

Price: SGD 177.67

Where: 16 Upper Boon Keng Road, #01-1109, Singapore 380016

Contact:  +65 9800 5801


Dan Takeda

Score: 8.25/10


top wedding florists

Dan Takeda is the best wedding florist to get bouquets in Singapore. The shop has worked with several high-end brands like Louis Vuitton and Gucci. They offer an aesthetic that will please anyone who sees their floral decoration and can also provide floral management packages.

In addition, the services include floral styling & decorations and bespoke creations for event/display pieces. Some wedding-related services include pin-on corsages for parents, Posies for bridesmaids, Boutonniere for grooms, and event venue decoration. Here, one must place the order 1- 3 months in advance.

Price: SGD 170.56

Where: 41 Macnair Road, Townerville, Singapore 328584

Contact: +65 8223 6999


Floral Magic

Score: 7.33/10


singapore wedding florist

Floral Magic is the favorite wedding florist to get bouquets in Singapore. They focus on the arrangement and structures blended seamlessly to achieve a bouquet’s perfect balance of color, form, and texture.

In addition to their evocative and expressive pieces, they also come up with fresh and colorful ideas. They are also passionate about creating unique floral creations that result in amazing crafts. Floral Magic also offers various floral services, including bouquets, corsages, and floral styling.

Price: SGD 238.79

Where: 334 King George’s Avenue Ground floor, King George’s Building, Singapore 208571

Contact: +65 6337 6398


CC Lee Designs

Score: 7.41/10


wedding florist singapore

CC Lee Designs is a fantastic wedding florist to get bouquets in Singapore. Creating bridal bouquets that are concept- and design-focused, they have a great range to choose from. It is up to the bride to select a bridal bouquet that meets her budget and design preferences.

The company has a talented and passionate team that is committed to providing quality services to each customer. Aside from bridal bouquets, CC Lee Designs also offers full-service floral management for hotels, weddings, and special events.

Price: SGD 426.41

Where: 994 Bendemeer Rd, Singapore 339943

Contact: +65 6294 7975



Score: 8.33/10


best wedding florist singapore

Triceratops is an affordable wedding florist in Singapore. They do all of their floral artwork to bring something unique to the bride and spread the word about the art.

Wedding florists such as Triceratops offer their services online in a fresh way. The convenience of placing an order anytime makes it easier to approach. One only needs to provide them with details like your budget, essential vision, etc.

Price: SGD 26.11

Where:  2 Kallang Ave, CT Hub @ Kallang, Singapore 339407

Contact:  +65 6444 7848


Poppy Flora Studio

Score: 8/10


 Wedding Florists

Poppy Flora Studio is an everyday wedding florist in Singapore. A floral studio creates masterpieces while observing them in every direction to enhance them. As a result, we all enjoy this design’s beauty and imagination.

They have also worked with clients like Chanel, Bvlgari, Google, and many other famous names. Besides bridal bouquets, they also provide floral wedding arrangements, arts, etc. 

Price: SGD 120

Where: 9A Dempsey Rd, Singapore 247698

Contact: From Sun-Sat: 10 am – 5 pm

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