7 Unique Types Of Terrarium Plants That Grow Well in Terrariums 2024


Terrarium plants are readily grown across Singapore. Terrarium plants are small miniature plants enclosed within a glass container often covered by a lid. These plants are generally used indoors to enhance the beauty of the interior.  Although terrarium plants provide natural tranquillity, they are quite tough to handle. This is mainly because these plants grow in a smaller environment with comparatively less space. These Types Of Terrarium Plants require a particular atmosphere and cannot be nurtured in every region of the world.

terrarium singapore So if you’re looking for terrarium plants in Singapore, you may either grow them as an air plant or buy a readymade terrarium. For your ease, we have listed 7 unique types of terrarium plants that grow well in terrariums: 


Botanical name: Epipremnum aureum



Golden pothos terrarium plant grows well in terrarium hence they are considered invulnerable and everlasting. Even though golden Pothos might look ordinary as a houseplant, the game changes when they are put in a terrarium.  

To avoid disruptiveness, regularly trim these plants. Also, water them in the stems sufficiently so they may propagate easily.  

Highlights of Pothos Terrarium Plant:

Light: they require bright light but it must be indirect

Water: sufficient amount of water is necessary for the Pothos plant to grow. Never overwater them.

Color: they have fabulous green leaves with white markings on them 


Artillery Fern

Botanical Name: P. microphylla


Artillery Fern

The artillery fern belongs to the Pilea family but it is not an actual fern.  The name refers to the characteristic that involves the popping sound of seeds when they are exploded, often quite a distance. 

Irrespective of the nature of this terrarium plant, it has a fascinating yet delicate texture. The beautiful terrarium plant in Singapore grows quite well with minimal maintenance. 

Highlights of Artillery Fern Terrarium Plant:

Light: they grow well in medium to bright but indirect light

Water: moderate amount of watering is needed for them to propagate  

Color: the flowers produced by Artillery Ferns are insignificant


Polka Dot Plant:

Botanical name: Hypoestes phyllostachya


Polka Dot Plant:

As the name suggests, Polka Dot Plants are colorful, cheerful, and humorous plants. Available in pink, red, and silver variants, this plant is the ideal choice for a terrarium.  

The plant is velvety in texture and is capable of growing as tall as 3 ft. hence, trimming might be required to keep it at the desired length. The flowers make drops of nectar, however, they are minute in size. 

Highlights of Polka Dot Terrarium Plant:

Light: Indirect but bright light is required by Polka Dot Plant to survive

Water: During spring and summer, water regularly. Less water in other seasons. 

Color: the leaves are green in color with white marks on them 


Baby Tears:

Botanical Name: Soleirolia soleirolii


Baby Tears:

This plant is commonly called by a lot of names including mind your own business, Angel’s Tears, peace in the Home, Mother of Thousands, Pollyanna Vine, and the Corsican’s Curse as well. 

Despite having so many names, the Baby Tears plant behaves quite well in a terrarium environment and it is considered a lovely, low-key terrarium plant in Singapore. However, in certain situations, it might become invasive and occupy the whole garden. 

Highlights of Baby Tears Terrarium Plant:

Light: it requires bright sunlight to cultivate the best

Water: it grows in a moist environment hence consistent moisture is needed

Color: the flowers of the Baby Tears plant are creamy ivory in the shade



Botanical Name: Codiaeum variegatum



Originating from South America, Croton is a stunning plant for a terrarium. Among all its variations, C. variegatum is the most beautiful choice of terrarium plant to buy in Singapore. 

It is extremely easy to handle and nurture as it is well-tolerated in dry weather with a little amount of water. Croton can be grown either straight in preferably an open-jar terrarium or as an air plant. It has thick, beautiful leaves with a wide variety of colors and contours.

Highlights of Croton Terrarium Plant:

Light: dappled but bright indirect sunlight is required

Water: occasional watering is needed only for the Croton plant 

Color: It has a variety of flora including gold, green, or salmon 


Prayer Plant 

Botanical Name: Maranta leuconeur


Prayer Plant 

It makes a significant place among all terrarium plants in Singapore due to the fact that it adds beauty to the indoors. The prayer plant, as the name refers, holds its leaves in a prayer position at night. In case it doesn’t get a well-lit environment, the leaves will remain in the same position even during the daytime. 

The prayer plant is sensitive to cold so make sure to not place it near a chilly window or cool draft. The red-veined plant makes a stunning terrarium plant. 

Highlights of Prayer Terrarium Plant:

Light: it requires medium but indirect light to grow

Water: During spring and summer, water regularly. Less water is required in other seasons. 

Color: it has green leaves with white patterns on them 


Creeping Fig 

Botanical Name: Ficus primula


Creeping Fig 

With its stunning multi-colored heart-shaped small leaves, the Creeping fig makes a lovely readymade terrarium plant in Singapore. 

It makes a perfect choice for a large terrarium as it is a recurring ascending plant. Therefore, you may also train it to climb up structures. By digging a branch-cutting of Creeping fig in water, it can be conveniently cultivated.  

Highlights of Creeping Fig Terrarium Plant:

Light: unlike other terrarium plants, it requires partial to full sunlight

Water: only occasional watering is needed for Creeping fig

Color: It produces lovely green flora making the ambiance naturally beautiful



Terrarium plants in Singapore are largely used as air plants in interior decor. Choosing the best plant for your terrarium is quite a task. 

Since the maintenance and propagation of any houseplant are not easy, it is necessary to research well before you go to buy a terrarium plant. 

Therefore, we have listed some Best and Unique Types of Plants that are Well-Grown in Terrariums. Happy Planting!  

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