8 Best HDB Renovation Contractors in Singapore 2023

hdb list of renovation contractors

HDB Renovation Singapore is an important opportunity to make houses more luxurious. However, you’ll need to hire HDB-licensed renovation contractors with extensive knowledge of renovation matters. Of course, there are many HDB-approved renovation contractors, but their range of services differs. 

In this post, you will find a well-researched hdb registered renovation contractors list. This hdb list of renovation contractors features only HDB-approved contractors. So when you choose any of them, you are within the law. 

Our criteria for selecting hdb renovation contractors are clear-cut: excellent communication with clients, great rates, quality work, and superb project completion. 

hdb renovation contractors

Here is our list of hdb approved renovation contractors in Singapore: 

Communication Ratings
Affordability Ratings
Quality Ratings
Completion Rate 
Total Score 
Hurry General Contractor
3D Innovation
Earth Interior Design
Han Yong
I-Max Design
Thomson Renovation Contractor 
T&T Design Artisan
KWYM Interior Designs

Hurry General Contractor – 9.18


hdb licensed renovation contractors

Hurry General Contractor has close to 40 years of experience in the construction industry. Over the years, the company has fashioned itself as one of the most reliable by producing great quality work at affordable rates. 

Although well known for interior design services across Singapore, this company can handle almost anything regarding construction renovation. Typically, contact Hurry General Contractor when you need:

  • Structural works
  • Interior Design Works
  • Building & Construction Works
  • Building Maintenance Term contracts
  • Mechanical & Electrical Work
  • Commercial & Residential Work
  • Additions & Alterations Works

Hurry General Contractor regularly trains their staff to enhance their skills and knowledge. This explains the perfect matchup between expectations (design concept) and reality in their finished work. So, if you hire this company, you are hiring an experienced construction company that will offer practical and feasible ideas instead of impractical or pricey concepts.

3D Innovation – 9.38


hdb approved renovation contractors

3D Innovation boasts of a consistent record of excellent work in interior design and other types of home renovations. The renovator has 20+ years of producing excellent services. Check out their website to display their quality work and renovation package deals. 

Since 3D Innovations Design Pte Ltd has in-house carpenters, workshop, and renovation contractors, the cost passed to the consumer is significantly low. Also, it allows strict quality checks on material and work done. Visit this contractor for: 

  • Designing and renovating residential and commercial spaces, layout and space planning, design consultation, etc. 
  • Bespoke designs and renovation work as per your concepts 

The company has experienced and competent interior architects and designers to ensure contracts are completed on time.


Earth Interior Design – 8.78


list of hdb approved renovation contractors

Earth Interior Design is a multi-award-winning, HDB-approved interior design company with offices in Malaysia, Taiwan, and Singapore. Their experience in interior design has given them expertise in designing spaces where people feel well treated and welcomed.

Earth Interior Design can design and maintain projects of all types for both residential and commercial settings. Therefore, when you hire them, expect more sophisticated design concepts and aesthetics perfect for an evocative environment. Their main services include Space planning, 3D visualization, and decoration. 

It is worth mentioning that Earth Interior Design is a member of WE8 ID Group and the hdb registered renovation contractors scheme.


Han Yong – 8.75


hdb directory of renovation contractors

Han Yong renovation contractors and interior designers provide breath-taking designs to give your home a new look. Established in 1988, Han Yong provides opulent upgrades that match lifestyles of luxury. 

Han Yong hires talented designers and tradespeople who deliver exquisite, innovative, and excellent-driven building renovation services for HDB, landing, condo, and commercial projects. The team strives to provide forward-thinking building renovation services and stellar interior design solutions to clients across demographics.

Besides, the company can work with your plan and space based on your needs, making them the best HDB renovation contractors in Singapore.


I-Max Design – 9.05


hdb registered renovation contractors list

I-Max Design is one of the finest interior design companies in Singapore. With over 30 years of offering high-quality services, I-Max Design can handle any interior design task. Therefore, whether you need design consultation, carpentry, electrical, window/doors, plumbing, flooring, or ceiling service. 

Check the firm’s profile, and you will see considerable expertise in a plethora of interior design styles and themes, using textures, colors, and forms to turn apartment spaces into magnificent living areas.

I-Max stands out for its low packages for retail, residential and commercial projects. Also, the company strives to deliver creative designs and produce quality interior design finishing works to its highest standard with efficiency, knowledge, professionalism, and talent.


Thomson Renovation Contractor – 8.83


Thomson Renovation Contractor is a long-standing renovation company specializing in masonry and carpentry works. The company takes charge of projects from start to completion, managing the entire process alongside the challenges. All tasks are executed in a consistent, timely, and responsible manner. 

Renovation trades services include plumbers, plasterers, carpenters, tilers, electricians, and decorators. Before starting the work, this renovation contractor hdb team provides a non-obligatory site survey to assess and understand your requirements. 


T&T Design Artisan – 9.20


good hdb renovation contractors

T&T Design Artisan offers a full range of services of design specializing in contemporary interior design. With 20+ experts, this interior design company is committed to creating a more luxurious and unique living area. 

Note that this is an award-winning interior design company known for its cutting-edge contemporary aesthetic that elevates ordinary homes into gorgeous rooms. The company’s key services include Design Consulting, Home Renovation, HBD Renovation, Condo Renovation, and Commercial Renovation. Additionally, they are great at site layout and planning.

Check out their website’s range of services and designs for more details. Be assured of friendly packages on any project from this firm. 


KWYM Interior Designs – 8.25


hdb list of renovation contractors

KWYM Interior Designs is an HDB-approved contractor; you will find it in any hdb directory of renovation contractors in Singapore. The company specializes in commercial and residential renovations. Thanks to a professional team of architects and designers, the firm creates unique, high-quality designs that transform any space into a comfortable and livable space. 

Apart from renovation, the firm also offers carpentry, reinstatement, interior design, and furniture. KWYM Interior Designs stands out for its personalized service. So, no matter your project type, the firm will help you achieve your dream. 

They can redesign, create or completely overhaul your entire office or apartment. With their 3-D rendering, you can easily make changes to a project before construction begins.


Any hdb listing of registered renovation contractors reveals a wide range of these contractors. However, finding good hdb renovation contractors boils down to your research skills. The above-mentioned hdb renovation contractors are approved and licensed by HDB and therefore guarantee you quality work. 

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