9 Best Psychics In Singapore 2023

best psychic in singapore

Throughout history, fortune telling has been a form of art. There are several ways to read someone’s fortune; some believe the predictions are accurate, while others believe they are fabricated. To improve the chances of getting a good prediction, whether to believe in fortune telling, there are some things one can do. The ancient tradition of fortune telling is unquestionably popular. Singapore is home to many fortune tellers who advise people looking for guidance in their lives. Here are the nine Best Psychics in Singapore sure to provide comfort in times of distress or accurately reveal the future.

Psychic in Singapore

Urban Soul Tarot
Magic Cross Psychic Readings
Lynda Woolf – Clairvoyant
Sree Krishna Astrology
Gypsee Jenny’s World Of Light
Singapore Psychic & The Metaphysics Alliance
Yuan Zhong Siu Feng ShuI
Kelly Lightworker
Kang Li Mineral Kingdom

Urban Soul Tarot



singapore psychic & the metaphysics alliance

URBAN SOUL TAROT is one of the excellent choices for psychics in Singapore. Their Reading is practical, grounded, and holistic and works with Taoist, Hunab-Ku, Native American & Vedic and Western Astrology, Ho’oponopono healing methods, Akashic Records and other forms of divinatory Oracles.

They have tried to bring the religious experience affordably to simultaneously empower and share their Ikigai. In addition, the place offers various psychic services to get her clients to see their own life’s potential. 

Services Available

  • Relationship Reading 30-Minute Video at $60
  • 12 House Reading 30 Minute Video at $60
  • Mediumship Reading 30-Minute Video at $60
  • Which Past Life is Most Relevant Currently? 30-Minute Video at $60

Where:  108 Depot Rd, Singapore 100108

Contact:   +65 8606 4544

When:  Open 24hrs

Magic Cross Psychic Readings



psychic medium singapore,

Magic Cross Psychic Readings is an ideal choice for psychics in Singapore. It is a divination and healing service aligned with God and His Angels whose mission is to guide people through life’s challenges and heal them in mind, body, and spirit. Their angel reader speaks from the soul, divinely guided words that can help a person break through their problems and challenges to achieve their dreams.

Services Available:

  • $20 Psychic Question
  • $80 Angel Tarot Reading
  • $160 Angel Therapy
  • $90 Angel Numerology

Where:  47 Springleaf Rise, Singapore 788026

Contact: +65 8878 8892

When: Every Day from 11 am -9 pm

Lynda Woolf – Clairvoyant



best psychic in singapore

Lynda Woolf – the Clairvoyant, is one of the best choices for psychics in Singapore. She is pleasant & great at coaching & mentoring, and seeing the future and advising on how to use that for advantage. 

Additionally, she is open and friendly and makes feel right at home as she is very relaxed and genuine in her manner and work. 

Services Available:

  • 30 mins $125
  • 45 mins $175
  • 60 mins $245

Where: 19 Shelford Rd, Singapore 288408

Contact:  +65 9832 8925

When: From Tues- Fri: 10am – 4pm

On Sat: 11am – 3pm

On Sun & Mon: Closed

Sree Krishna Astrology

Score: 8.5/10


psychic connect sg

Sree Krishna Astrology is one of the famous psychics in Singapore. The service is based on Vedic astrology, family, career, Vaastu, relationships, wealth, health, suitable alliances for marriage, matchmaking, auspicious business dates, and lucky numbers. 

Service Available:

  • Vedic Astrology

Where: Fortune Centre #03-30, 190 Middle Road (S)188979,

Contact:  +65 6334 4245

When: From Tues- Sat: 10:30am -6pm

On Sun & Mon: Closed

Gypsee Jenny’s World of Light

Score: 8/10


psychic singapore

Gypsee Jenny’s World Of Light is one of the favourite psychics in Singapore. She has an extrasensory perception that is a responsibility which needs to use to help her fellow human beings as they search for their lives on earth. In addition, pairing her psychic ability with the two energy healing therapies can enhance the healing process.

Her psychic ability has also allowed her to understand better a person’s spiritual, physical, mental and emotional health, enabling her to help heal more effectively through Reiki or Crystal therapies.

Service Available:

  • Psychic Reading at ($270)
  • Spiritual Healing and Wellness Services at ($200.00 – $1,400.00)
  • Singing Bowl Sound Healing Singapore at ($200.00 – $565.00)
  • Reiki Distant Healing Meditation Singapore at ($150- $340)

Where: Video call (live)

Contact: NA

When: From Mon- Fri: 9:30am -5pm

On Sat & Sun: Closed

Singapore Psychic & The Metaphysics Alliance

Score: 7/10


best psychic in singapore

Singapore Psychics & The Metaphysics Alliance is a well-known psychic in Singapore. The Grand Reiki Master, a Singapore psychic, is one of the finest psychics in Singapore. Additionally, she provides psychic readings, reiki healing, house cleansing, tarot card readings, and other services.

The master has received several accolades and honours for her psychic work and works with others who want to learn how to become psychics or healers. She is currently giving three courses on how to become a psychic.

Service Available:

  • Personal consultations and readings
  • Auric cleansing and chakra balancing
  • Reiki healing
  • Reiki certification, training and attunement (levels 1, 2 and 3)
  • House and space cleansing

Where: 195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace, Singapore 168976

Contact: NA

When: Every Day from 10 am -6 pm

Yuan Zhong Siu Feng Shui



best psychic in singapore

Yuan Zhong Siu Feng Shui is one of the best choices among psychics in Singapore. The master is highly sought after as a personal consultant for many well-known people in business and politicians. In addition, he has won the respect of many individuals due to his accuracy in predictions and effective methods to improve the lives of many.

In addition, NTL integrates the promotion of cultural arts, enterprise consultancy, and Feng Shui services. Moreover, it strives to gain insights into the vicissitudes of life through a scientific method of metaphysics. 

Service Available:

  • Residential Feng Shui
  • Zi Wei Dou Shu Astrology
  • Commercial Feng shui
  • Baby Naming

Where:  190 Middle Rd, #01-35 Fortune Centre, Fortune Centre, Singapore 188979

Contact:  +65 6333 5013

When: Every Day from 9:30 am – 7 pm

Kelly Lightworker

Score: 9.5/10


best psychic in singapore

Kelly Lightworker is one of the famous psychics in Singapore. The master has her passion for connecting ordinary lives with the extraordinary Love and Light of Spirit. As a natural Spirit channel, psychic medium, and gifted Tarot/Angel/Oracle card reader, she uses her knowledge to facilitate healing, guidance, and breakthrough for those seeking assistance along their life journeys.

In addition, she believes that genuine healing and transformation need to happen at several levels in tandem before a breakthrough can genuinely occur.

Service Available:

  • Psychic Readings 30 mins ($120) or 1 hrs ($210)
  • Channelling 30 mins ($120) or 1 hrs ($210)
  • Mediumship 30 mins ($120) or 1 hrs ($210)
  • Energy Healing ($210)

Where: On WhatsApp only

Contact:  kellylightworker.com

When: On Mon & Sat: 12 – 10pm

On Tues: 10am -10pm

On Wed: 10am – 2pm

On Thurs & Fri: 10am – 4pm

Kang Li Mineral Kingdom



best psychic in singapore

Kang Li Mineral Kingdom is one of the highly skilled and experienced psychics in Singapore. It offers aura reading, tarot card reading, zodiac forecasts, and feng shui.

Kang Li Mineral Kingdom, on the other hand, has a vast and loyal following among locals and a few ex-pats, implying that it contains some of the best psychics in Singapore. It’s also a popular place for new enterprises wanting to give their spaces positive energy and good vibes.

Service Available:

  • Name Analysis
  • Wedding Date
  • Life Chart Analysis
  • Caesarean

Where: 149 Rochor Rd, #01-08/24/25 Fu Lu Shou Complex, Singapore 188425

Contact:  +65 6337 7732

When: Every Day from 10:30 am – 7:30 pm

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