9 Best Tablets Singapore Tech Market Has To Offer 2023

best tablet laptop singapore

Tablets are must-haves among people since the benefits of tablets are many. They ease up your work and it is easy to carry around. Yet, when it comes to buying a tablet, how should you go for a better one that serves your purpose? Tough, right? Worry no more, we probed into details and found out the best Tablet Singapore tech market has to offer. 

best budget tablet singapore

Total Score
Samsung Galaxy 6
iPad Pro 11‑inch
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3
iPad Mini 4
Huawei Mediapad T2
Microsoft Surface Pro 7
Lenovo Yoga Book
Amazon Fire HD 8
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1

Samsung Galaxy 6 (8.6/10)


best tablet singapore

Samsung Galaxy 6 is one of the best tablets in Singapore. The display of this tablet is worth mentioning since it comes with an AMOLED screen. It boosts the visibility of the screen when you are outdoors. At the same time, you can produce quality images through this tablet. It has 5-MP front-facing and 16-MP cameras that grasp good quality videos and photos. Moreover, this tablet comes with a cutting-edge fast charge feature. 


  • Samsung Galaxy 6 offers smooth and quick performance.
  • This tablet has a responsive fingerprint scanner. 

Price: SGD 225

iPad Pro 11‑inch (08/10)


best tablet in singapore

iPad Pro 11‑inch is another best tablet in Singapore. It comes with an M1 processor. At the same time, it supports 5G wireless connectivity. Moreover, it has a new feature called Center Stage. As in, it uses a 12MP ultra-wide front camera with a 122-degree field of view. Also, this tablet comes with the compatibility of a smart keyboard and magic keyboard making it the best tablet laptop in Singapore


  • The Logitech Crayon is compatible with iPad Pro 11‑inch. 
  • It comes with a high resolution. 

Price: SGD 1599

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 (8.7/10)


best tablet for seniors singapore

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 are the best android tablets in Singapore. It comes with a super AMOLED screen and HDR video support that offers you a better viewing experience. It has four speakers in each corner. So you get a quality sound experience whether you hold the tablet horizontally or vertically. At the same time, there is a feature called Game Launcher that maximizes your gaming experience. 


  • It comes with an S pen and it requires no charging. 
  • A keyboard can be connected to this tablet. 
  • It has a fingerprint scanner
  • It comes with expandable storage. 

Price: SGD 476

iPad Mini 4 (8.2/10)


best budget android tablet singapore

iPad Mini 4 comes with a powerful A8 chip along with second-generation 64-bit desktop-class architecture. In fact, this tablet has a performance similar to a desktop computer. It also comes with sensors, optics, and an image signal processor. At the same time, this tablet comes with enhanced face detection technology. 


  • iPad Mini 4 is thin and light. 
  • It also has features such as slo-mo, burst, timer, panorama, and time-lapse.

Price: SGD 500

Huawei Mediapad T2 (08/10)


best windows tablet singapore

Huawei Mediapad T2 is one of the best budget tablets in Singapore. This tablet is perfect for students who regularly want to do homework, write down lectures, and read books. At the same time, this tablet is 7 inches in size and easy to carry wherever you go. Also, it comes in silver and champagne colors and is made of aluminum alloy. 


  • Huawei Mediapad T2 is lightweight and portable. 
  • This is budget-friendly. 

Price: SGD 125

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 (7.8/10)


best value tablet singapore

One of the best Windows tablets in Singapore is the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 You can turn this tablet into a laptop using the Kickstand and Surface Signature Type Cover. This tablet comes in platinum and matte black colors. At the same time, it provides crisp music sounds. Besides, this is compatible with surface pen, surface signature type cover, surface arc mouse, and surface dock. Not only that. but also you can enjoy features like Windows Hello sign-in and Microsoft Edge. 


  • It has an all-day eight-hour battery. 
  • It comes with USB Type-C and Type-B. 

Price: SGD 1788

Lenovo Yoga Book (7.1/10)


 best affordable tablet singapore

Lenovo Yoga Book is another best tablet in Singapore that comes with IPS LCD Capacitive TouchScreen. This tablet is 10.1 inches in size. At the same time, it is lightweight and easy to carry around. Moreover, it comes with 8 GB of memory. 


  • It has a non-removable battery. 
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty. 

Price: SGD 1597

Amazon Fire HD 8 (09/10)


best android tablet singapore

Amazon Fire HD 8 is another best-budget android tablet in Singapore. It comes with 8 HD displays and 2x storage. It has all-day battery life. This tablet is easier to charge using the USB-C port. At the same time, this tablet is ideal for children as well. Parents can control settings and applications on this device. In fact, parents can set time restrictions and make customized profiles. 


  • Google play is not supported. 
  • It has 12-hour battery life. 
  • This tablet is user-friendly. 

Price: SGD 111

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (8.5/10)


best tablet laptop singapore

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 is another best-value tablet in Singapore. This tablet comes with a minimal bezel and maximum view. Since this is lightweight, you can take it with you everywhere you go. It provides Dolby Atmos surround sound. At the same time, this tablet brings a cinematic experience home with a widescreen. Besides, you can make storage for everything without deleting anything. 


  • This tablet is keyboard compatible. 
  • It has a long-lasting battery. 

Price: SGD 299 to 322

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