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northshore plaza food

One of Singapore’s newest malls is called Northshore Plaza. The mall, which is divided into Plaza I and Plaza II, is home to plenty of fantastic cafés, stores, and restaurants. Discover a wide variety of Northshore Plaza food options, from cozy cafes to vibrant eateries, offering something to please every palate.

There is something for every taste at Northshore Plaza, with mouthwatering Asian and Western cuisine to choose from. We’ve created a complete culinary guide for Northshore Plaza food, Singapore’s newest eating destination, to help you satisfy your food desires.

The list of Northshore Plaza’s top restaurants for 2024 was based on things such as cuisine, costs, atmosphere, and service. Whether you’re in the mood for local favorites, a distant cuisine, or simply a delicious cup of coffee, our top recommendations will surely amaze you.

Sixth Floor Oyster Cake

food at northshore plaza

Starting as a small home-based business, Sixth Floor Oyster Cake has grown into a busy flagship store at Northshore Plaza food. Get ready to enjoy their delicious, freshly handmade, and fried Fuzhou oyster cakes. They’re perfect for a quick snack while strolling around Northshore Plaza food!

These tasty cakes are full of flavor, with minced meat, oyster rounds, and a bit of fresh spring onions in every bite. Stay tuned for pricing details!

Address: 407 Northshore Drive, Northshore Plaza I, #02-41 Singapore 820407

Contact: +65 8811

Working Hours: N/A


Haidilao Hotpot

northshore plaza halal food

You can now enjoy late-night hotpot in Punggol, thanks to Haidilao’s newest outlet. Choose from their house-made soup bases like tomato, tom yum, and mala.

Make your meal even better with their popular sides, such as the Mashed Shrimpwah, which turns ground shrimp into tasty fish cake-like bites when cooked. Other highlights include their marinated mutton and many other tempting options. For those who like to try something different, they even have a fresh pig’s brain!

Address: Blk 407 Northshore Drive (Northshore Plaza 1) #01-01 to 07 Singapore 820407

Contact: +65 69708884,+65 69708885

Working Hours: 10.30 am-4 am


Fun Toast

punggol northshore plaza food

If you love kaya toast for breakfast, you’ll be happy to know that Fun Toast is coming to the neighborhood. Their special is the Yuan Yang Soft Bun Set, which includes two soft, thick toasts with kaya, a hot drink of your choice, and soft-boiled eggs.

They also have options like the Toastburger and French Toast sets. If you like unique flavors, try the Honey Butter Korean combo.

Address:407 Northshore Drive #02-37/38/K4 Northshore Plaza I Singapore 820407


Working Hours:

  • Mon-Fri: 7.30 am-8.30 pm
  • Sat-Sun & PH: 7.30 am-9 pm



punggol northshore plaza food

When A&W arrived in Singapore in 2019 at Jewel, people lined up eagerly to taste their famous food from the past. Since then, A&W has opened four more locations across Singapore. Their new restaurant at Northshore Plaza is their fifth.

Visit them and enjoy their famous Root Beer Float—a creamy, fizzy drink that’s perfect for cooling off. Try their popular Golden Aroma Chicken and pair it with some tasty Curly Fries. For dessert, treat yourself to their ice cream and waffle combo—it’s irresistible!

Address: 418 Northshore Dr., Unit: 1- 01/02/03 Singapore 820418


Working Hours:

  • Mon-Fri & Public Holidays: 10 am-10 pm
  • Sat, Sun & Eve of Public Holidays: 9 am-10 pm



northshore plaza food

Enjoy delicious vegetarian meals at Grove, a cozy restaurant in Northshore Plaza food. Their menu offers plant-based versions of popular Asian dishes like Hainanese Curry Rice and Rendang Curry with Blue Pea Nasi Lemak.

Start your day with their Malaysian-style Curry Chee Cheong Fun or try their variety of bao, perfect for those who love sweet, bite-sized treats. Grove is the place to go for flavorful, meat-free meals that are anything but boring!

Address: 407 Northshore Dr, #02-39/K5, Singapore 820407


Working Hours: Mon-Sun: 7.30 am-8 pm


Super Wok

northshore plaza food

Super Wok is well-known for its tasty grab-and-go zi char dishes, all priced under $10. Enjoy their delicious one-dish meals that are perfect for takeaway and enjoying at home. Their specialty, the Super Sesame Oil Chicken Rice, is a favorite among customers.

If you love noodles, try their smoky Beef Hor Fun. They also offer unique wok-fried dishes like Korean Spicy Chicken Rice and Homemade Coffee Pork Ribs Rice. Super Wok promises a burst of flavors that you won’t want to miss!

Address: 407 Northshore Dr, #02-42, Singapore 820407

Contact: +65 8699 2100

Working Hours:

  • Sun-Thu: 11 am-9.15 pm
  • Fri-Sat: 11 am-9.30 pm



northshore plaza food

Enjoy bubble tea at the recently opened KOI Thé location at Northshore Plaza. Choose your favorite drink or try popular options like Yakult Green Tea, Taro Milk Tea, Golden Bubble Milk Tea, and Hazelnut Milk Tea. You can customize your drink with different sugar levels, toppings, and ice. Keep an eye out for their special deals too!

Address: 407 Northshore Drive #1-K3, K4, K5, Singapore 820407

Contact: +(65)6993-5374

Working Hours: 11 am-10 pm


Song Fa Kway Chap

food at northshore plaza

You might know Song Fa for their famous bak kut teh, but they’ve now introduced Song Fa Kway Chap at Northshore Plaza. It’s a haven for Teochew Kway Chap lovers, offering sets starting from just $6+ per person.

For a special treat, try their Peppery Kway Chap Deluxe Set, perfect for two. It features kway chap in a flavorful broth similar to bak kut teh.

But there’s more! They also serve tasty clay pot dishes and delicious duck rice. Get ready for a truly satisfying dining experience!

Address: Northshore Plaza 1 #02-22, 407 Northshore Dr, Singapore 820407

Contact: N/A

Working Hours: Mon-Sun: 10.30 am-9 pm

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