Best Petrol Discount Credit Cards in Singapore

Petrol Discount Credit Card

In the bustling city-state of Singapore, where driving is a common part of daily life, finding ways to save on petrol costs becomes crucial. The right credit card can make a significant difference, putting more money back into your pocket. Let’s explore the top choices for petrol discount credit card, ensuring you get the most bang for your buck.

Petrol Discount Singapore


Best Petrol Discount Credit Card
Petrol Station
Best Credit Card
Total Fuel Savings
OCBC 365 Card
Up to 22.92%
DBS Esso Card 
Up to 21.6%
UOB One Card
Up to 21.15%
POSB Everyday Card or UOB One Card
Up to 21.8% or 22.66%
OCBC 365 Card or OCBC Frank Card
Up to 27% or 29% savings

Best petrol discount credit card for Caltex: OCBC 365

OCBC petrol Discount

When it comes to versatility, the OCBC 365 credit card emerges as a frontrunner. Offering a solid 6% cashback on fuel spend at all local petrol stations, this card takes it a step further with unparalleled fuel savings of up to 22.92% at Caltex. This includes an instant 18% off on fuel and an additional 6% cashback based on your expenditure. Not to mention, a 21.04% discount at Esso stations sweetens the deal.

Beyond the pump, the OCBC 365 card treats you to a 5% cashback on dining, 3% on groceries, and even 3% on Electric Vehicle Charging. With a manageable monthly spend of S$800, it’s a practical choice for everyday use. And if you’re a high spender, hitting S$1,600 unlocks even greater cashback rewards!

Best petrol credit card for Esso: DBS Esso

Petrol Discount Singapore

For those loyal to Esso, the DBS Esso card is a no-frills solution. Boasting an 18% instant fuel discount and potential additional savings, you can enjoy up to 21.6% in fuel savings. Enrolling automatically in the Esso loyalty program, this card comes with perks like 0% interest-free motor insurance and road tax instalment plans, catering specifically to Esso devotees.

However, keep in mind that this card is a one-stop solution for Esso users and might not be the best fit if you pump gas elsewhere.

Best petrol credit card for Shell: UOB One Card

Credit Card Petrol Discount

If Shell is your go-to, the UOB One Card is your money-saving companion. Offering up to 21.15% fuel savings, it combines a 17% instant discount with an additional 5% cashback. Be mindful of spending tiers for optimal benefits, with higher spending unlocking enhanced cashback rates.

Whether you frequent Shell or SPC kiosks, the UOB One Card ensures substantial savings, making it a smart choice for regular drivers.

Best petrol discount credit card for SPC: POSB Everyday Card

Credit Card Petrol Discount

The POSB Everyday Card is a true multitasker, providing up to 20.1% fuel savings at SPC without any minimum spend requirement. Comprising discounts, rebates, and exclusive cashback, it’s a stellar choice for those looking to maximize savings on both fuel and daily essentials.

The promotional period, valid until November 2023, adds an extra layer of incentive, making it an opportune time to jump on the savings bandwagon.

Best petrol credit card for Sinopec: OCBC 365 or OCBC Frank

Best Petrol Credit Card


For those filling up at Sinopec, OCBC credit cards steal the spotlight with remarkable fuel savings of up to 27%. While all OCBC cards enjoy a standard petrol discount, the OCBC 365 adds an extra 5% cashback on NETT fuel spend, and the OCBC Frank grants 6% cashback on contactless payments. Note that the extra cashback on NETT fuel spend is after the discount.

Caltex – Standard Chartered Simply Cash Credit Card

Caltex patrons, look no further than the Standard Chartered Simply Cash Credit Card. With an enticing 23.7% effective savings, including a 17% upfront discount and a 1.5% cashback, it’s a top choice for those loyal to Caltex. The additional S$3 rebate and S$4 Caltex fuel voucher further sweeten the deal.

Esso & Shell – Citi Cash Back Card

petrol discount credit card

Flash your Citi Cash Back Card at Esso and Shell for up to 20.88% fuel savings. With a combination of station discounts, cashback, and Citi Card discount, this card stands out as a great choice for drivers frequenting both Esso and Shell kiosks.

SPC – AMEX True Cashback Card 

Petrol Discount Credit Card

The AMEX True Cashback Card offers a simple yet effective approach to savings. With no category specifications or minimum spend, enjoy a total effective discount of 21% on petrol spending at SPC. New cardholders also benefit from a welcome bonus for the first six months.

Sinopec – Maybank World Mastercard

Petrol dicount credit card

For the mileage enthusiasts, the Maybank World Mastercard is a standout choice. Earning 4 miles per dollar at petrol stations and providing up to 19.1% off via the complimentary Corporate Fuel Card, it’s a unique blend of petrol discounts and mileage rewards.

In a city where every dollar counts, choosing the right petrol discount credit card can lead to substantial savings. Whether you’re a loyalist to a specific station or prefer flexibility, these credit cards cater to various needs, ensuring you drive with savings every time.

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