Locals’ Favorite Popular Art Gallery Singapore

art gallery singapore

Isn’t it amazing how a piece of art in an art gallery Singapore can transport you to another time or dimension?

Each artwork on display carries a story—an individual narrative that might challenge your perspectives.

What better way to delve into this individual expression than by exploring different artworks?

Here are the most famous art galleries in Singapore:

National Gallery Singapore

art gallery

National Gallery Singapore offers mind-bending designs and revolutionary concepts that will make you question everything you know about art and design!

As you explore, you’ll learn about Singapore’s history and identity through the eyes of its artists, from the struggles of colonialism to the thriving multiculturalism.

This art museum also embraces modern trends and new art forms.

Here, you might see a giant 3D printer that turns digital designs into real objects, layer by layer.

You can experience art in new ways, like using virtual reality headsets to explore digital landscapes or getting hands-on with interactive exhibits that let you play with light, sound, and space.

Address: 1 St. Andrew’s Road, Singapore 178957

Contact: +65 6271 7000

Working Hours: Mon-Sun: 10 am-7 pm


Singapore Art Museum

singapore art gallery

Southeast Asian modern artworks are on show at the Singapore Art Museum, a cultural resource. 

Its galleries have been decorated with a variety of artistic creations, ranging from contemporary multimedia displays to classic paintings. 

This museum is unique since it is dedicated to presenting the rich history of the area. 

Artworks that delve into identity, customs, and modern-day life will provide you with a fascinating look into the vibrant culture of Southeast Asia. 

Address: 39 Keppel Rd, #01-02, Singapore 089065

Contact: +65 6697 9730

Working Hours: Mon-Sun: 10 am-7 pm


The Arts House

art gallery singapore

When you step into The Arts House, you’ll be surrounded by a mix of art, history, and culture.

You’ll see everything from contemporary paintings to traditional sculptures, along with some multimedia art.

The Arts House also offers painting classes taught by experienced and patient instructors, perfect for budding artists of all skill levels.

In these classes, you’ll learn everything from basic techniques to advanced concepts.

This Art gallery singapore also hosts spoken poetry sessions, which are a must-attend for anyone who loves words and performance.

Address: 1 Old Parliament Ln, Singapore 179429

Contact: +65 6332 6900

Working Hours: Mon-Sun: 10 am-9.30 pm



art gallery near me

If you want to fill your Instagram feed with amazing pics, GNANI Arts is the place to be!

Imagine what this gallery has in store for you. It features digital art, video installations, interactive sculptures, and immersive VR experiences.

Each exhibit is carefully chosen to show the latest trends in the art world, making this gallery a hub for modern creativity!

It also has an art fair where you can buy pieces from its own artists and other senior artists.

You might want to get an original piece to add some glamour to your home!

Address: 55 Genting Ln, Singapore 34956355 Genting Ln, Singapore 349563

Contact +65 9003 2851

Working Hours: N/A


Ode To Art

best art gallery singapore

Ode To Art is where contemporary art meets traditional craftsmanship!

This gallery is a treasure trove of creativity, showing a curated selection of contemporary paintings and sculptures that will leave you amazed.

You’ll find bold abstracts that seem to dance off the canvas, intricate figurative sculptures that tell stories, and mixed media pieces that challenge your perception of reality.

It’s best to visit when they host an artist talk or a live painting demonstration to get a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process.

This art gallery singapore always has a special event going on.

Its immersive experiences and hands-on activities make it the perfect place for art lovers of all ages!

Address 252 North Bridge Rd, #01-36E F, Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore 179103

Contact: +65 6250 1901

Working Hours: Mon-Sun: 11 am-9 pm


Black Crow Taxidermy & Art

best art gallery singapore

What happens when you combine taxidermy with art? You receive an amazing showcase of creativity and inspiration! 

At Black Crow Taxidermy & Art, you’ll explore a gallery filled with preserved animal specimens.

These specimens are ethically sourced, so you don’t have to worry—they are not displayed just for fun.

Each specimen is obtained with respect for animal welfare and conservation principles. The goal is to inspire appreciation for the natural world.

You can also take part in hands-on demonstrations led by skilled taxidermists and artists.

If you love exploring the blend of art and nature, Black Crow Taxidermy & Art is the perfect place for you!

Address: 18 Sin Ming Ln, #04-06 Midview City, Singapore 573960

Contact: +65 8950 1432

Working Hours

  • Wed: 1 – 9 pm
  • Thu-Fri: 10 am-6 pm
  • Sat-Sun: 1 – 7 m


Art Porters Gallery

art gallery singapore

Have you ever wondered what future art will look like? At Art Porters Gallery, you can see modern artistic trends up close!

Each piece here sparks curiosity, and conversation, and invites you to explore new perspectives and ideas.

The art gallery singapore showcases a dynamic collection of contemporary artworks, including paintings, sculptures, installations, and digital art.

It’s a mix of art styles and techniques like abstract expressionism, minimalism, impressionism, and surrealism.

The gallery often hosts immersive exhibitions and interactive installations that blur the lines between art and audience. For example, they set up rooms with giant inflatable sculptures or floating chairs and tables.

These exhibits engage your senses and encourage you to participate in the art.

You can also join guided tours and workshops led by knowledgeable curators and artists, where you can learn more about the stories behind the artworks.

Address: Spottiswoode Park Rd, #64-1, Singapore 088653

Contact: +65 9144 7468

Working Hours: N/A


STPI Creative Workshop and Gallery

art gallery singapore

When you enter the STPI Creative Workshop and art gallery singapore, you’re immediately surrounded by creativity and expression.

Whether you like paintings, sculptures, or mixed media installations, there’s something here to catch your eye and spark your imagination.

What makes this art gallery singapore special is its support for both local and international artists.

You might see works by famous artists, like mesmerizing polka dot paintings by Yayoi Kusama or pieces exploring themes of life, death, and consumerism by Damien Hirst.

Address: 41 Robertson Quay, Singapore 238236

Contact: +65 6336 3663

Working Hours: 

  • Mon-Sat: 10 am-7 pm
  • Sun: 11 am-5 pm

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