10 Best Showerheads in Singapore 2023

Showerhead Singapore

The following are the top 10 shower heads currently available on the market. Whether you need a showerhead with multiple settings or one with high pressure, we’ve got you covered. Here is a brief overview of each showerhead and how you can determine which is best for you! Best Showerhead Singapore

best showerheads

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25 Waterworks by THG Paris
IKEA Shower Heads
Hansgrohe Raindance Select S Hand Showerhead
Dornbracht Big Rain
Tuscani RombustoHand Showerhead
JOMOO Showerhead
GROHE Power and Soul Showerhead
Philips Water Filter Shower Head AWP 1705/90
Kohler Katalyst Air Showerhead

25 Waterworks by THG Paris




The rainshower system from French luxury fittings firm THG is ideal for those wishing to create an industrial yet stylish aesthetic in their bathrooms. In addition to giving you an additional choice, the hand shower has an attractive design, featuring lever handles that are easy to grasp. Another function is the protection against limescale and hard water.



Key Differentiators

  • Bath accessories of the highest quality
  • A French product
  • The craftsmanship of the highest quality




With Cristina Rubinetterie’s sleek showerhead, you can adjust the temperature of the water, chrome-plated rainshower. Furthermore, the anti-lime hand shower prevents unattractive chalky stains, making it look spotless all the time!



Key Differentiators

  • Ensure precise control of water flow
  • Enjoyment at its best
  • Designs that are aesthetic

IKEA Shower Head



Several household goods can be found at IKEA, which is known as one-stop shopping. They also offer a variety of affordable showerheads that will fit any budget, including their most affordable single-spray showerheads in Singapore at only $4.90. Nevertheless, this is an excellent option if you are in need of a new showerhead in Singapore right away.



Key Differentiators

  • Spray function with full functionality
  • The function of the massage spray
  • A mist spray function is available

Hansgrohe Raindance Select S Hand Showerhead



massage showerheads

Shower heads from Hansgrohe in Singapore are a pleasure to use, offering a beautiful design and a strong, sturdy product. Using Hansgrohe Raindance Select S Hand Showers, you can simulate a shower in light rain by immersing your body in micro-fine droplets of water. Moreover, the reduced splash feature keeps you calm and relaxed while showering. A shiny chrome finish and rounded curves make this fixture the perfect addition to any contemporary bathroom. Regardless of your preference, you can select from 3 types of jets to make your shower experience energizing, refreshing, or soothing.



Key Differentiators

  • Round silhouette with a symmetrical shape
  • Add air and water to a mixture
  • Making showering as enjoyable as possible

Dornbracht Big Rain



water efficient showerheads

With its 36 by 28 cm shower outlet, this shower panel is appropriately dubbed the Big Rain. If you want to enjoy a truly luxurious shower experience, you must use both settings simultaneously. Additionally, it has a smaller outlet that focuses on the head, neck, and face.



Key Differentiators

  • Throughout all active jets, water is evenly distributed
  • A simple wipe will remove limescale from silicon naps
  • The cover plate measures 600 x 480 mm in stainless steel

Tuscani Rombusto Hand Showerhead



handheld showerheads

Those who live in Singapore enjoy Tuscani Rombusto’s function and aesthetics, making it the company’s most popular showerhead. It is safe to assume that a high 7 out of 7 rating for shower pressure will provide you with powerful and concentrated pressure for head massages. When you want a more relaxing shower, you can use the Tuscani Rombusto’s Misty Flow mode.



Key Differentiators

  • 3 Functions
  • Featured with Misty Flow
  • Designed slim

JOMOO Showerhead



A JOMOO LED digital temperature sensor shower head is an excellent option if you want to know the exact temperature of your water. Your temperature setting is instantly illuminated by its tri-colour LED temperature light. Water-saving technology is combined with three different shower settings so you can adjust the water pressure to your liking while still tracking your water usage. Featuring a three-layer plating construction to resist corrosion and rust, it provides long-lasting service.



Key Differentiators

  • Water saving & high pressure
  • A combination of ABS and Japanese silicone is used for this product
  • Plating with chrome

GROHE Power and Soul Showerhead



fixed showerheads

This GROHE Power & Soul Hand Shower Head features four cutting-edge spray patterns powered by GROHE DreamSpray® technology: GROHE Rain O2, Rain, Jet, and Bokoma Spray. You can switch between spray patterns easily and quickly using the one-click feature. Moreover, GROHE shower heads feature an Inner Water Guide, which prolongs their lifespan, and SpeedClean, which prevents limescale buildup.



Key Differentiators

  • A system to prevent lime buildup called SpeedClean
  • An inner water guide to prolong the life of the product
  • System for universal mounting. compatible with all standard shower hoses

Philips Water Filter Shower Head AWP1705/90



rain showerheads

When you have sensitive skin to chlorine and pollutants, this Philips showerhead is a convenient portable 2-in-1 shower purifier that gives you a comfortable, refreshing shower experience. The filter ensures you always have clean water when taking a shower since it removes higher than 99 per cent of residual chlorine and pollutants like rust and silt. Easily replaceable, the filter will last up to six months. The heat-resistant material on the handle allows you to hold it without worrying because it adjusts fully to traditional water heater temperatures.



Key Differentiates

  • Eliminate up to 99% of chlorine and impurities
  • The smooth flow of water makes showering enjoyable
  • To ensure user safety, the material is anti-scald

Kohler Katalyst Air Showerhead



To simulate a downpour feeling, the Kohler showerhead has large nozzles that create heavier, fuller droplets of water. The product uses Katalyst technology to deliver water that is dense but soothing while using little water. This technology uses an air induction mechanism to enhance the sensation of each drop. There are three different designs.



Key Differentiators

  • Flows can be changed precisely with a push-button design
  • The three distinct flows: the Katalyst rain, the Massage, and the Champaign
  • Material made of silicon is easy to clean

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