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If you’re facing challenges such as stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, or struggles with self-esteem, and if couples are experiencing communication breakdowns, conflicts, or intimacy issues, facilitating healing and strengthening relationships becomes paramount. All in the Family Counselling is Singapore’s Best Counseling and therapy hub to help you with mental health challenges and relationship issues. They have licensed professionals who are skilled and experienced in family therapy. Here are some key points about their services:

Whether you’re grappling with personal challenges, relationship issues, or family dynamics, All in the Family Counselling offers tailored solutions to meet your needs.

Key Characteristics of All in the Family Counselling


  • Licensed family counseling services: All in the Family Counselling offers licensed professionals dedicated to family therapy.
  • Skilled professionals: Their team consists of highly skilled counselors with years of experience.
  • Focus on family wellness: With over 13 years of experience, they prioritize the wellness of families, providing comprehensive care.
  • Experienced practitioners: Clients benefit from the expertise of seasoned practitioners who tailor their approach to individual needs.
  • Welcoming environment: All-in-the-Family Counselling creates a welcoming atmosphere where individuals feel comfortable addressing their mental health concerns.



Individual Counseling

Singapore's Best Counseling

Individual counseling at All in the Family Counselling offers personalized support for your mental health needs. Whether you’re facing challenges in your personal life, struggling with anxiety or depression, or simply seeking guidance, their licensed therapists are ready to help. Through compassionate listening and evidence-based techniques, they empower individuals to overcome obstacles, gain clarity, and achieve personal growth.

Women’s Counseling

Women face unique challenges across different stages of life. All-in-the-Family Counselling offers a safe and non-judgmental space for women to explore, heal, and grow. From managing multiple roles to navigating personal struggles, their counselors provide support tailored to women’s needs. With same-day appointments available for urgent situations, assistance is just a call away.

Men’s Counseling 

Balancing family, career, and personal goals can be overwhelming for men. All in the Family Counselling offers confidential and practical support for men dealing with stress, anxiety, or relationship issues. Through individual counseling sessions, men gain effective tools to address challenges and achieve personal growth. Clients appreciate the results-oriented approach that prioritizes their well-being.

Online Therapy and Counseling Services

For those unable to attend in-person sessions, online therapy offers a convenient alternative. All in the Family Counselling provides flexible options for virtual counseling via Skype or WhatsApp video calls. Whether you’re based in Singapore or abroad, access to professional support is just a click away. From depression and anxiety to relationship issues, online therapy caters to diverse needs, ensuring timely assistance for all.


Educational Group Work

Recognizing that not everyone is ready for individual therapy, All in the Family Counselling offers educational groups focused on relationship dynamics, communication skills, and personal development. Conducted online via Zoom, these sessions provide valuable insights in a confidential setting. Participants can interact with therapists and fellow attendees, fostering growth and self-awareness.


Family and Marriage Counseling

Singapore's Best Counseling

Family and marriage counseling at All in the Family Counselling provides a safe space for couples and families to address their issues and strengthen their relationships. Their experienced therapists offer guidance and support to navigate communication challenges, resolve conflicts, and foster deeper connections. Whether you’re facing difficulties in your marriage or seeking to improve family dynamics, they’re ready to help you build a happier and healthier future together.


Pre-Marriage Counseling

With over thirteen years of experience, Ms. Tammy Fontana specializes in relationship and premarital counseling. Trained in various therapeutic approaches, including the Gottman Method Couples Counseling, Ms. Fontana offers evidence-based guidance for nurturing fulfilling relationships. Whether in-office or through online therapy, couples can access support tailored to their needs.


Communication Issues in Marriage and Relationships

Effective communication is essential for healthy relationships. All in the Family Counselling addresses communication challenges by creating a safe space for couples to express themselves. Lead therapist Tammy Fontana guides couples toward improved communication skills, paving the way for deeper connection and understanding.


Counseling for Cheating Spouse

Infidelity can strain even the strongest relationships. All in the Family Counselling provides expert support for couples navigating the aftermath of cheating. With a focus on understanding root issues and rebuilding trust, their marriage counselors help couples move forward toward a brighter future.


Divorce Counseling

Deciding to divorce is a difficult journey, but it doesn’t have to be faced alone. All in the Family Counselling offers compassionate guidance for couples transitioning out of marriage. Their trained counselors assist in navigating the complexities of divorce, ensuring a smoother transition for all involved.

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In conclusion, All in the Family Counselling Singapore’s Best Counseling is committed to providing professional support and compassionate care for individuals and families alike. With a comprehensive range of services and experienced therapists, they offer a pathway to healing and growth. Whether you’re facing personal challenges or seeking to strengthen your relationships, All in the Family Counselling is here to help you thrive.

Find more about the founder and Therapist Tammy Fontana, M.S., NCC, CTRT, USA Certified Sex Therapist, Hypnotherapist


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