The 5 Best Pocket Watches in Singapore

The 5 Best Pocket Watches in Singapore 2022

Pocket watches are not quite outdated, they play a fine role in this century as well. Since pocket watches are replaced by other gadgets, it is a little bit hard to find the best pocket watches in Singapore. The rareness makes this pocket watches a little more expensive. Hence, it’s important that you consider some factors before you invest in a pocket watch. Do you know that there are main types of pocket watches? 

Open-face pocket watch

Open-face pocket watches are ideal for those who are into a minimalist style. This type of pocket watch does not have a cover, allowing you to see the time easily and immediately. Yet, since there is no cover, it can get damaged or scratched.

Half-hunter pocket watch

The half-hunter pocket watch is designed to read the time without opening the watch. This is because the cover is designed with a hole or crystal on it. 

Full-hunter pocket watch

Full-hunter pocket watch comes with a full cover, so it protects the face from getting scratched and damaged. These pocket watches can be engraved on the outside. 

Double-hunter pocket watch

The double-hunter pocket watch has a full cover placed on both sides. It allows you to see the time along with the mechanical movements. 

Double-half-hunter pocket watch

The double-half-hunter pocket watch is more or less similar to a double hunter, yet this pocket watch comes with a half cover on both sides. The front cover features a hole/ crystal so that you can see the time without opening the watch. 

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Get to know about these types before going for a pocket watch. Regardless of what you want, a luxurious pocket watch, a retro pocket watch, or  a classic one you can find what you want with a little effort. As they are too rare to be found, we did the hard work for you as always. The following blog post shows the best pocket watches in Singapore. 

Total Score
Ziiiro Titan Chrome
Spovan Digital Pocket Watch
Bulova Diver Travel Clock
Dakota Gunmetal Mini Clip Microlight Watch
Gotham Men’s Ultra-Thin Railroad

Ziiiro Titan Chrome


singapore movement pocket watch

You can use Ziiiro Titan Chrome as a pocket watch and a stylish pendant accessory. It comes with a beautifully crafted aluminum casing. At the same time, this pocket watch comes in 5 colors such as azure, chrome, purple, black, and cherry. You can read the time from the outer hour ring of 12 segments and the inner minute ring of 60 segments. Besides, the movement of this watch is digital movement and the battery is CR 225. Moreover, this comes with a flexible rubber chain. This pocket watch is strong and durable as well. 


  • Ziiiro Titan Chrome is lightweight.
  • It fits into pockets perfectly. 
  • It comes with a manufacturer warranty as well. 
  • This pocket watch is highly scratch resistant and water-resistant. 

Price: SGD 397.58

Spovan Digital Pocket Watch (8.6/10)


seiko pocket watch singapor

Spovan Digital Pocket Watch is a professional digital sports pocket watch. This is perfect for both men and women. You can carry this pocket watch in two ways: it has a nylon rope and a stainless steel clip. This pocket watch is perfect to carry if you are into outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, cycling, and running. At the same time, this is perfect as a gift for your loved ones. This is multifunctional for daily use as an altimeter, barometer, compass, thermometer, weather forecast, pedometer, stopwatch, countdown, EL backlight, perpetual calendar, alarm, world time/dual time, and 12/24 hour. Besides, it comes with a swiss sensor, safe button, and protective head glass. This protective head glass prevents scratches. 


  • Spovan Digital Pocket Watch is waterproof and shockproof. 
  • It has a large face for ease of reading. 
  • It can withstand rain and splashes of water. 

Price: SGD 193.91. 

Bulova Diver Travel Clock (8.3/10)


singapore movement pocket watch price

Bulova Diver Travel Clock has an electronic beep alarm and seconds hand. It also has a protective glass lens. This pocket watch can be folded into a small compact case. The inner dial of this ring rotates to measure elapsed time. This pocket watch was made with the finest materials, precision, craftsmanship, and state-of-the-art technology. At the same time, it includes the finest quartz movements to alternative technologies like solar/ mechanical energy. 


  • Bulova Diver Travel Clock comes with a travel pouch. 
  • It operates on one Lr44 battery. 
  • It has a 1-year warranty as well. 
  • This pocket watch is anti-magnetic, shock-resistant, distortion-free, and scratch-resistant. 

Price: SGD 76.66.

Dakota Gunmetal Mini Clip Microlight Watch (8.7/10)


vintage pocket watch singapore

Dakota Gunmetal Mini Clip Microlight Watch is crafted from high-quality materials. This is a clip-on watch that has an ultra-bright LED. You can clip it on your dress. At the same time, it has luminescent hands and hour markers. This watch comes with an integrated carabiner for clip-and-go convenience. Also, it has the Miyota movement. 


  • Dakota Gunmetal Mini Clip Microlight Watch is handy.
  • This watch is weather-resistant.
  • It is made with a durable alloy case. 
  • This watch is compact as well. 

Price: SGD 69.01

Gotham Men’s Ultra-Thin Railroad


Best Pocket Watches

Gotham Men’s Ultra-Thin Railroad is a classic open-face silver-tone pocket watch. This pocket watch comes with an ultra-thin polished brass case that is suitable for engraving. It has a rich white railroad-style dial with black 12 and red 24-hour markers. This consists of precision Japanese analog quartz movement. At the same time, it includes a 14-inch silver-tone curb link chain with a belt clip holder attachment. The case is made of brass. 


  • Gotham Men’s Ultra-Thin Railroad comes with a deluxe drawstring pouch and gift box.
  • It also has a user guide.

Price: SGD 82.76. 

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