Top 5 Leather Embossing Engraving Techniques

Leather Embossing Engraving

Leather embossing allows you to give leather different patterns suitable for different uses. In this article, we look at leather embossing engraving techniques in Singapore. Ready to learn about the techniques you can use to emboss leather? Read this article to the end. 

Undoubtedly, leather is unique, durable, and has a splendid appearance. Creating raised designs on the natural skin grain has gone a notch higher. Most people personalize the entire process to create incredible things. That is why leather embossing services Singapore offers are getting more popular by the day. Search engines can get the best leather embossing engraving services by searching “embossing leather near me.” 

Leather Embossing Engraving

Here are the top techniques for leather embossing Singapore offers: 

Leather Embossing
Laser Engraving
Blind Printing

Branding – 9.00


custom leather embossing services

This is the most straightforward leather engraving technique as it involves pressing a hot metal piece against the surface of the leather to burn a pattern into it. You’ll need to apply considerable force to get a better pattern. This leaves the scorched area with a darkened colour and a slightly sunken surface. Such an area stands out from the surrounding material. 

The tools for branding are branding iron and a mallet. You can shop for a branding iron with pre-existing patterns or request for custom branding iron in stores that offer custom leather embossing services. Additionally, you need an efficient heat source – electricity or fire.  

Embossing – 8.88


leather embossing services singapore

Embossing is stamping a pattern on the leather using a rolling wheel or heavy steel plate. There are many patterns to impress on leather while keeping the texture of the original leather. Remember, embossing only touches the surface rather than burning or taking off material. 

The types of embossing are:

  • Blind Printing: This is just pressing metal plates on the leather, resulting in a pattern similar in colour to the material itself.
  • Colour Printing: A thin film layer is placed between the plate and the leather. Therefore, sections of the film are being cut out and imprinted in the fabric by the plate’s weight. 

If you want to decorate leather with repeating patterns, leather embossing is the best technique. 

Pyrography – 8.38 


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This leather embossing technique is similar to leather branding – it uses heat tines to burn the leather. However, the risk of fire hazards is much less than leather branding as the size of instruments is far much smaller. Pyrography is a Greek word meaning fire writing. 

The method uses electric heating more than direct flames, making the practice more friendly to newcomers. Also, it uses wooden burning pens and leather stamps. But you can also use personalized artwork or initials.

Laser Engraving – 9.00


embossing leather near me

In this leather engraving technique, you’ll use a high-powered carbon dioxide laser to burn images onto the leather. So, you direct and focus the laser on the paper to carefully burn a design of interest. Laser engraving scorches the leather surface to make a pattern. 

Unlike other methods, laser engraving is more precise, thanks to the more control it offers. However, it requires highly specialized tools and equipment to achieve the process. 

But care must be taken when using a laser because it can burn the leather or cause a fire since the risk is much higher than branding due to the extreme temperatures. So, when using this technique, wear safety equipment, especially eye protection. 

Note that leather tanned with vegetable tannins might experience discolouration, but the technique offers more unique and beautiful patterns than any other method.

Blind Printing – 9.13


embossing leather near me

Blind leather printing employs rubber stamps to produce images on leather. Typically, this leather embossing and engraving technique employ crafts like stamping and printmaking, which you can achieve with either commercial grade equipment or home kits.

This method can personalize your crafts, making them stand out. Commonly, the method is used on clothes and accessories in the fashion sector.


Why Emboss Leather?

Leather embossing is a special way to add depth and dimension to leather projects. Typically, it will make the design distinctively beautiful as well as add an element of texture. Additionally, embossing provides a protective layer on the incomplete leather since the deeper you impress your designs on the leather, the more the leather fibres get compact.


How Do You Emboss Leather?

Before searching for “leather embossing services near me,” it is important to learn a few things about the process of leather embossing. Ideally, the process is systematic if you want the best results. Check it out:

  • Choose the right leather – If you want the best results, choose unfinished leather because it can still absorb moisture to expand its fibres, resulting in better impressive designs. On the other hand, finished leather resists embossing because of oils and waxes. Remember, there are several types of leather, but the best one is for embossing top-grain and corrected vegetable-tanned leather. Apart from being durable, these leathers have a distinct aroma and lovely earthy tone finish. 
  • The right tools and equipment – Your expertise and artistry will do you good if you have the right tools and equipment. Note that tools are expensive, so buy them if you’ll be using them for a very long time. You’ll need a swivel knife, mallet, stamps, scissors, ruler, and French curves. Also, you’ll need a leather embossing machine and Metal embossing stamps. But the type of pattern determines the equipment to use. 

How Do You Transfer Designs Onto Leather?

There are two major ways you can transfer designs onto a piece of leather:

  1. Tapping from a leather pattern – Here, you’ll be using any finished leather design; tape its backside to protect it before positioning it over the new leather after casing it. Tap the pattern firmly four times from one side to the other. Do not move the pattern before finishing transferring it. 
  2. Tracing from a printout – Trace your design on tracing paper, and case your leather with a damp sponge to moisten it. Place the tracing paper alongside its design on the leather and lightly trace it. Deepen the impression with the second pass. 

You can also use a metal stamp to emboss leather. This is how to do it:

  • Attach the painter’s tape to the back of the leather to prevent the leather from stretching after casing it, especially when dealing with larger leather pieces. 
  • Wipe the leather with a damp sponge, spray water or soak it. Thicker leather will require more water. 
  • Draw a line where you want to start and position the metal stamp. Tap firmly on the toll to create an impression. 

Are you ready for your first project? Check the patterns above and try the simplest project like embossing keyholders.


Bottom line 

Most leather embossing services Singapore offers use the above-explained techniques. Although most services al ready-made, you can find some stores are offering custom/individualized stores. Just type “custom leather embossing near me” on a search engine, and you will get a plethora of suggestions. 

Nonetheless, the above leather embossing engraving is the most common on the island. 

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