Top Historical Places in Singapore to Visit

historical places in singapore

Singapore offers things besides visiting shopping centers and modern buildings. The city-state’s rich history is showcased through its diverse historical places in Singapore, which are often hidden beneath its modern surface. These sites detail its past as a Malay monarchy, its period of World War II Japanese control, and its development into the nation it is today.

Fort Canning Park, Raffles Hotel, The Civilian War Memorial, National Gallery Singapore, and Sultan Mosque are the top historical places in Singapore for 2024.

This article takes you through Singapore’s most important historical sites, telling you about their background and how they have changed over time.

The Battlebox

historical places in singapore

Just behind Fort Canning Hill is the Battlebox, the old British underground headquarters used during the Battle for Singapore. Now a museum, the Battlebox offers guided tours that explain the decisions leading up to Singapore’s surrender, using real-time recreations and dialogue. The Battlebox experience is one of many historical places in Singapore that aim to show what war was like on-site.



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Chijmes was originally a convent and a school. Today, it is a stylish lifestyle complex with chandeliers and beautiful architecture, just like when it was a school. It features a Gothic chapel, hallways, and a classic gentleman’s club look. Chijmes is a great example of how old buildings can be reused for new purposes.


Haw Par Villa

singapore historical places

Haw Par Villa is unlike any other historical places in Singapore. It was built from the ground up by the Aw brothers, founders of Tiger Balm. Unlike other places that were restored or saved, Haw Par Villa has over 1,000 statues and dioramas. These colorful and often surreal scenes show Chinese mythology and folklore, giving visitors a fun and different experience compared to more formal heritage sites.


Sri Mariamman Temple

historical places in singapore

Sri Mariamman Temple is the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore, built-in 1827. It has a colorful tower covered in sculptures of gods. It’s a popular gathering place for the Indian community and hosts annual celebrations like Deepavali and Thimithi. During Thimithi, devotees burn incense and walk over hot coals as a test of faith.


Thian Hock Keng Temple

historical places in singapore

Thian Hock Keng Temple, located in Chinatown, is the oldest Chinese temple in Singapore. Built in the 17th century for the sea goddess Ma Zu Po, it showcases traditional Chinese architecture with intricate carvings and colorful tiles.

Early Hokkien immigrants used to pray here for safe sea journeys. The temple’s beautiful design and rich history make it a popular spot for exploring Chinese culture.


Sultan Mosque

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Sultan Mosque in Kampong Glam has a golden dome and detailed decorations. It was constructed in 1824 for Singapore’s first Sultan, Sultan Hussein Shah, and remains central to the Muslim community in Singapore.

If you’re curious about Singapore’s culture and religions, you’ll find it hard not to appreciate both the outside and inside of this mosque.


National Gallery Singapore

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Rising high above the expansive atrium of the Singapore National Gallery are the majestic facades of the old Supreme Court and City Hall buildings. Inside, the gallery holds the best collection of modern Southeast Asian art, which is quite impressive.

Visitors can explore the art gallery to delve into Singapore’s rich heritage and history. It’s a great place to see what contemporary Singaporean artists are creating today.


The Civilian War Memorial

historical places in singapore

The Civilian War Memorial in Singapore honors the memory of those who suffered during World War II and commemorates the unity among Singaporeans of different races during the Japanese occupation.

It’s nicknamedThe Chopsticks’ due to its four tall pillars. The memorial serves as a place for reflection, memorial services, and a reminder of the strength and unity of Singaporeans during challenging times.


Raffles Hotel

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Visit the prestigious Raffles Hotel, a luxurious 5-star hotel named after Singapore’s British founder from the 19th century. Famous guests like Rudyard Kipling and Elizabeth Taylor have stayed here. The hotel features grand columns and wide verandas.

Don’t miss trying a Singapore Sling at the Long Bar, where this iconic drink was first created. You’ll find peanut shells on the floor, adding to the unique atmosphere.


Fort Canning Park

historical places in singapore

Fort Canning Park, nestled in Singapore’s center, is lush and steeped in history. It once housed Malay rulers and served as a military base during World War II. The park holds significant relics, like the WWII Battlebox and ancient artifacts dating back to the 14th century, unearthed through archaeological digs. Walking through, you can almost feel the echoes of history among the towering trees.

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