Universal Employment Agency: The Best Maid Agency in Singapore 2024

Universal Employment Agency: Best Maid Agency in Singapore

Juggling a full-time job, family responsibilities, and other obligations can be too much for many of us in Singapore. A maid may be very helpful if you have young children or elderly family members living with you. Finding a reliable and trustworthy maid, however, might be very challenging. If you need assistance and don’t know where to look, you should start at the Universal Employment Agency. It is a top domestic employment agency that will match you with the right helper for a long time.

Universal Employment Agency is a leading professional consultancy that specializes in the placement of foreign domestic workers, primarily from the Philippines, Myanmar and Indonesia. They are also experts in hiring transfer maids or assisting employers in the direct hiring of a maid they already know.

It is the best maid agency in Singapore, having been in business since 1986. Their years of experience contribute to a high success rate in matching employers with foreign domestic workers.

Their comprehensive network of maids can be attributed to careful sourcing. Before sharing potential candidates with you, extensive background checks and interviews are always performed.  They guarantee to match you with a long-term caregiver, with high success rates and low transfer rates.

universal employment agency

Whether you’re looking for a transfer maid who is already in Singapore or a maid who is currently abroad, you can be confident that their vast years of experience in this sector will relieve you of the burden.

The number of employers and foreign domestic workers who hire Universal Employment Agency Pte Ltd Singapore through personal recommendations increases every year. This clearly shows the high level of professionalism and service that has helped the agency establish itself as a market leader for over 35 years.

Media outlets, such as Straits Times, AsiaOne, The Guardian, SimplyHer, etc., frequently seek their knowledgeable opinions.

The maid employment agency has a very simple and straightforward process for hiring foreign domestic workers (FDWs). All you need to do is submit your requirements, and the agency will match you with suitable candidates, whom you can interview and choose. The agency will handle the paperwork.

They can handle all of the details of the process whether you hire a local maid or an international maid. They also have the most affordable maid insurance plan on the market. The revenue of the Universal Employment Agency is $5 million, and it employs 25 people. 

The agency specializes in the fields of Business Services, Human Resources, and Staffing. Universal Employment Agency makes use of the following technologies: ASP.NET, Cloudflare CDN, Sectigo, and Font Awesome.

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Below are some of the reasons why many people in Singapore prefer the Universal Employment Agency:

Over 35 Years of Expertise

With three decades of experience, you can be more sure that they are consistently passionate about comprehending your needs. They can help you find foreign domestic workers for your family, primarily from Indonesia, the Philippines, and Myanmar.

Singapore’s Most Reputable Maid Agency

They are a highly reputed maid agency that always strives to exceed expectations. You can frequently find Universal Employment Agency reviews by satisfied customers on Google, Facebook, and other social media platforms, with many praising their professionalism and the high-quality services provided. 

Wide Range of Services 

Universal Employment Agency Pte Ltd agency provides its clients with a wide range of services. The agency would even assist you with administrative matters such as applying for a foreign domestic worker permit and renewing your foreign domestic helper’s passport. You can have peace of mind while leaving the logistics to the professionals!

They offer a variety of services, such as passport renewal, maid medical check-ups, home leave applications, maid repatriation services, and more. You’ll also find a low-cost maid insurance policy with them!

Availability of Transfer Helpers

It can be particularly challenging to get a transfer helper during this pandemic, but Universal Employment Agency Pte Ltd Singapore is one of the few maid agencies in Singapore that always has a pool of transfer helpers available for your choice.

High Retention Rate According to MOM

The agency has one of the highest retention rates in the maid industry due to its ability to match the right helper to the right family.

Having one of the highest retention rates, according to MOM, the company has earned the trust of over 10,000 clients. Their retention rate is 73.43%, which is higher than the industry average of 60.92%.

High Retention Rate According to MOM

High Placement Volume 

Their placement volume is 426, exceeding the industry average of 41. The high placement volume indicates that the agency itself is doing good. It has provided many helpers to lots of employers.


  • Transfer maids placement 
  • Direct employment of maids 
  • Placement of inexperienced maids 
  • Placement of ex-maids from Singapore 
  • Application for a work permit as a maid (FDW) 
  • Placement of former foreign maids 
  • Work permit renewal for maids (FDW) 
  • Maids to care for newborns and infants 
  • Maids’ comprehensive insurance coverage 
  • Maid service for childcare 
  • Maids (experienced caregivers) for the elderly 
  • Maid service to assist with cooking and other housework
  • Application for home leave for Filipino maids 
  • Settling-in-programme (SIP) 
  • Service for maid relocation

Client Testimonial

“Particularly during this difficult time, Universal Employment Agency had put a lot of effort into helping us find a good helper.  I must specifically mention Sophie, who was tasked with helping us. Contact them if you need their services, in my opinion. Please be safe, and thanks again for your efforts.”

Get in Touch

Given its 35-year history in the industry, it is without a doubt the best maid agency in Singapore

It is located at 304 Orchard Road #03-52 Lucky Plaza Singapore 238863.

You can contact the agency by calling +65 6735 3456 or sending an email to info@universal.sg. You can also visit their website to easily hire a maid based on your needs.

universal employment agency pte ltd singapore

Opening hours

Monday to Friday: 10:00 am -7:00 pm

Saturday and Sunday: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

(Closed every Tuesday and on Public Holidays) 

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