10 Best Drinking Games in Singapore 2024

10 Best Drinking Games in Singapore 2023 (2)

Diwali is right around the corner & we are sure you are prepping for the insane Diwali party you will attend or host. So we decided to look a little at the best drinking games you can play. So you can check out the list too & make your life easier. 

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King’s Cup


King's Cup

King’s Cup is called the Ring of Fire, Circle of Death & waterfall. It has been a classic drinking game for years & for good reason.

It is a great icebreaker for a group that does not know each other well, but it is just as fun for tight-knit friends.

It gets those who participate in it a nice level of drunk & helps the group learn a little about each other’s wild sides. 

The game is pretty simple; you need a deck of cards, a cup, alcohol, and willing participants. To set up the game, spread a deck of cards faces down around the cup. 

But remember, all cards touch the cards on either side, creating a ‘chain’ of cards. Then, anyone can gather around the cup, ready to play. You can enjoy this game with a larger group.


Drunk Jenga


Drunk Jenga

You can play Jenga as you always would. Drunk Jenga is a fantastic tower drinking game to bring out at parties or when having drinks with friends. 

You know how to play this game; if you don’t know, don’t know, don’t worry. It is very simple. Take turns pulling out blocks prior to putting the block back on top; the player must finish the task/rule written on the piece. 


Baskin Robbins 31


Baskin Robbins 31

Baskin Robbins 31 is the best drinking game; before starting this game, you all sit in a circle. 

It is a game of numbers again. For taking turns, every player is allowed to say up to three successive numbers until 31 is reached.

We understood this with an example, suppose if you start, you could say one or one, two or one, two, three. 

The one after you has the same choice, starting from the last number. But, as you might have suspected, a player stuck with the number 31 has to drink in the end.


Never Have I Ever


Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is a fun way to get to know people. You can play the basic version of the game, which is suitable for all ages. But you can also play a drinking game but remember, all players need to be of legal drinking age. 

Gather at least five players, and make sure everyone has the same amount to drink. The first player begins by saying a simple statement about something they have never done before, starting with “Never Have I Ever.” somebody who, at some point in their life, has done the work that the first player says must drink. 

Then the game continues around the circle & the next person makes the statement. 

The game finishes when only one person has any of their drinks left. That person wins the game.


The Osama Game


The Osama Game is fun drinking games. In Japanese, ‘Osama’ means ‘King.’ But first, you need a set of chopsticks. 

First, label all chopsticks according to the number of players. But, one stick will be marked “Osama,” & whoever picks this Osama-labelled stick becomes the king of the round.

He then has the power to create daring & hilarious antics for everyone in the group. Of course, the “Osama” can come up with wholesome dares, but who knows, he may also give out extreme instructions. 

Once the command is done, all players should place their chopsticks back & redraw. 


Image Game: Who’s Most Likely


Image Game: Who's Most Likely

To play this game, one player starts by saying, “The person who is most likely to beat the red light” or “The person who is most likely to be late for a meeting.” Then the other starts to point out who they think best fits the statement. For example, the person with the most points should drink. 

One of the amazing things is if you think you are gonna take the shot, you can block the votes by crossing your arms like an X. When this happens, all the players who pointed at you take a shot. 

It’s like Pin Pon Pan; it does not need any props for you to enjoy.


Pin Pon Pan Game


Pin Pon Pan Game

The Pin Pon Pan game is the Japanese best drinking game. , you go around the circle & each person says either pin, pon, or pan as fast as you can. The words must go in this order.

Whoever makes a mistake must drink. This game may sound easy peasy, but when you are tipsy, this may be a game full of laughter & inattentiveness.


The Pocky Drinking Game


The Pocky Drinking Game

The Pocky Drinking game is a very simple game for two players. Take one pocky stick. Each of the two players puts one end in their mouth & begins munching.

The first person who chickens out & lets go of the pocky loses the game & has to down their drink. While this game might get you all awkward, some think this is a great opportunity to get closer to someone.


Titanic Drinking Game


Titanic Drinking Game

Titanic is a great party drinking game because it’s easy to set up & can be played by any number of people. 

First, you get a glass of full beer & place a shot glass on top. Then, each person takes turns pouring liquor into the shot glass. 

You can pour as much as little you’d like. However, when the shot glass gets heavier with liquor, it will eventually sink to the bottom.

Whoever pours is the one that ultimately sinks the ship and must drink the whole glass. 


Soju Bottle Cap Flick


Soju Bottle Cap Flick

Soju is a popular Korean alcoholic drink with a sweet taste that makes Singaporeans love it too. 

The game is simple, flick the cap piece with enough force to count without breaking it. Whoever breaks it takes a drink. You can play this fantastic game with any number of players. 

If you don’t have soju handy, you can play with any loose item, like the tab attached to a beer can.

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