4 Highest Paying Jobs In Singapore 2024

Highest Paying Jobs In Singapore

In Singapore, unemployment is hard to survive because of its high cost of living. However, you’re in luck if you find yourself unemployed in Singapore since there are many reliable employment agencies. And who doesn’t dream of having a higher salary in their career? The highest salary in Singapore is S$37,700, while the lowest is S$2,140. A reasonable wage in Singapore is somewhere in the middle between these two amounts. The highest-paying jobs let you accumulate corporate credit cards and take advantage of prestigious credit card benefits. These typically include companies that produce services and businesses dealing with communication, finance, and insurance. This article consists of the four highest paying jobs Singapore. 

highest paying job in singapore


International Firm Partner


International Firm Partner

International Firm Partner is the best place for the highest-paying jobs in Singapore. Companies that deal with high-pressure issues, such as asset management firms, will need a lawyer who knows their industries inside and out. You’ll also likely have a high salary if you’re a partner in a highly regarded international firm. 

For instance, if you’re a law partner in a local firm, you’ll make approximately S$300,000 annually. However, one can earn as much as S$480,000 a year if you’re a partner at an international company.


Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, or Chief Financial Officer


Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, or Chief Financial Officer

Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, or Chief Financial Officer is Singapore’s highest-paying job. This is because the salaries of executive positions in Singapore are among the highest (as are the workplace amenities and office spaces). These include chief financing officers, chief executive officers, and chief operating officers.

If one becomes a CFO, CEO, or COO, one can expect an annual salary range between S$300,000 and S$525,000. 

So if you want to start working towards an executive-level job, you better start your career in the right places. 

Business consulting firms, healthcare and life sciences, engineering and chemical industries, and financial services are some prime examples.


Director of Sales


Director of Sales

The Director of Sales is one of Singapore’s most reputed and highest-paying jobs. The average annual salary for a sales professional knowledgeable about trading apps is around S$347,000.

Businesses need sales and marketing professionals to stay in their positions, so compensation should be based on what will ensure their retention.

Singapore’s best digital marketing agencies always hire someone with particular trading skills as their head of sales. It’s also preferable that they have some experience.  


Legal Counsel for Businesses


Legal Counsel for Businesses

Legal Counsel for Businesses is the highest-paying job in Singapore. A corporate lawyer is not only an expert at daily busting corporate law myths but is also considered a legal officer who can advise a company’s board on the legal intricacies of a particular field. 

They will need to be updated as well as industry trends and technology. For example, a business legal counsel’s annual salary could range from S$280,000 to S$350,000, depending on their expertise and knowledge.

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