5 Art Paintings in Singapore You Must Not Miss!

art paintings in Singapore

Everyone knows Singapore has some of the best paintings in the world. There are art paintings in Singapore that everyone wants to see before they die. Art sometimes is used to spread a message of inspiration, making people achieve great things in life. If you love paintings or are your passion, this blog post should help you get started on what to see while visiting Singapore. In Singapore, we recommend five art paintings you check out in town. 

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Black and White (c. 1970), Anthony Poon


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Anthony Poon was one of Singapore’s pioneering abstract artists. In 1964, after graduating from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Poon continued his art studies at Bynam Shaw School of art in London and the regional college of art in Bradford. 

As modern art continued to develop in Singapore from 1970, artists like Anthony Poon were preoccupied with demonstrating colour’s effect on visual perception. In this piece, Poon follows a geometric order and contrasting colours to create a Hermann grid, an optical illusion where one sees illusory grey spots at the intersections of the lines. From the accuracy of Black & White, it is clear that each of his pieces was meticulously planned and methodically carried out.

In 1973, POON won the UOB painting of the year competition and was bestowed the cultural Medallion in 1991. In 2002, he also won the excellence prize at the China International City Exhibition and Symposium in Beijing for his 2006 Olympics sculpture.


Modern Art (c. 1960-170), Chua Tiag Ming


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In the dreary black and white, a guy is depicted working alone on the side of the home. This shot was taken during political & social upheaval. The harsh contrast to the clean, bright light on the roof & surrounding walls, the man’s concentration and serenity on his flimsy ladder allow the photo some artistic depth. To a modern audience, the language and appearance of Chua seem old-fashioned. However, the Realistic appearance of Chua is reminiscent of an era when older people only knew it, yet it appeals to today’s audiences. 


Life by the river [1975] Liu Kang


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The rural countryside of Bali is shown in this artwork, which takes you away from the city bustle & noise. As the famous attap homes on stilts & people gathering on riverbanks were shown in Liu Kang’s art paintings, he was able to capture traditional kampung living’s communal way of life. 

Liu King spent some time in Paris as a young man & he was inspired by fauvism & post-impressionism. The city’s influence is evident in the bold, vivid colours & staccato brushstrokes. He visited the Indonesian islands with other early painters like Chen Wen Hsi & Cheong Soo Pieng to preserve Singapore’s changing scenery.


National Language Class (1959), Chua Mia Tee


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In this educational scenario, the National language class depicts a school scenario and the problems of identity & national pride that a group of Malaysian students confront while learning Bahasa Melayu in school. 

Since the school was built in the late 1960s, the artwork was completed in 1959, and Singapore became fully independent from British Colonial rule. At the time, basic questions were asked in Bahasa on the blackboard to assess students’ and spectators’ nationalities. Chua is an important figure in Singapore’s art-paintings world, receiving many accolades, including the cultural Medallion in 2015.


Drying Salted Fish (1978), Cheong Soo Pieng


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The painting on the back of the $50 shows Malay villagers drying salted fish, which Cheong painted. It can still be found in parts of Southeast Asia amidst lush vegetation, overturned baskets, and farm animals in pastures, an unbroken succession that continues. The painting was made by using Chinese ink & colour on cloth both before being illuminated with gold leaf from the Nanyang region’s unique Nanyang art style, developed through Cheong. This art is unforgettable due to its vivid colours & crowd of people, which shows their togetherness.

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