5 Best Shepherd’s Pie in Singapore 2024

Best Shepherd's Pie in Singapore

Shepherd’s pie, also called a cottage pie or hachis Parmentier in its French version, is a savory baked dish made from a mix of cooked minced meat topped and mashed potato. You can use freshly minced or previously cooked meat, and the common meat used is either lamb or beef. Shepherd’s pie started in Scotland and North England but spread to other regions, including Singapore. Today, there are various locations in Singapore where you can get high-quality and delicious shepherd’s pie. The shepherd’s pie Singapore recipe may vary slightly because, apart from beef and lamb, some people prepare it using chicken or vegetarian ingredients.     

This post reviews the best spots to have delicious shepherd’s pies in Singapore. Scroll down to learn more.  

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Shepherd’s Pie
Ingredients Ratings
Presentation Ratings
Portion Size Ratings
Total Score 
The Gourmet Pie Company
$8 – $58
The Shepherd’s Pie – Original One Since 2007 – Halal Certified
Simply Good Pies
The English House
Quentin Eurasian Restaurant


The Gourmet Pie Company


With three generations of experience, The Gourmet Pie Company stands out as one of the best shepherd’s pie shops in Singapore. The home-based business now has two outlets serving delicious handmade pies.

Each pie is made from scratch and utilizes premium ingredients to retain its authenticity. The company usually prepares its shepherd’s pies with New Zealand lamb, topped with or filled with vegetables such as tomatoes, onions, potatoes, zucchini, and carrots.

Additionally, the dishes are topped with a creamy blend of mashed potato and New Zealand cheese. Undoubtedly, this pie stands out as the tastiest shepherd’s pie sg residents can buy. Another fantastic feature of these pies is that they allow you to customize them with different meat options per your preference. 

Other most common shepherd’s pie varieties are Cottage Pie and Chicken. Shepherd’s pie chicken version is expertly prepared for a delicious meal. You can shop them in 4 sizes – Snack ($4.50), Canape ($10 for five pies), Hearty ($8), and Family ($58).

Additionally, you can order gluten-free options.

Address: 1 Lor 20 Geylang, Singapore 398721

Phone: +65 9825 4559

Website: thegourmetpiecompany.com


The Shepherd’s Pie – Halal Certified


The Shepherd's Pie - Halal Certified

For those looking for Halal-certified pies, The Shepherd’s Pie is the right place to visit. Founded in 2007 by the pie enthusiast, The Shepherd’s Pie offers premium quality pieces to its customers. 

Its shepherd’s pies are prepared from premium quality meat, perfectly seasoned, and baked to form a crispy golden top. Undoubtedly, such savory pies will stimulate your taste, leaving you craving more. 

The Shepherd’s Pie carefully handles its meats – they are expertly sealed to prevent contamination and maintain freshness through thermoforming. Furthermore, they do not store meat for more than three days. Therefore, you are guaranteed to have the freshest pies. 

Another standout feature is that they use innovative cooking procedures, which gives their pies a unique and savory flavor without making them oily. 

The common flavors include Baked Teriyaki Chicken ($37.90), Baked Lamb Special ($43.90), and Black Pepper Beef ($33.90). They are all common in generous portions. 

Apart from being the first restaurant in Singapore to serve shepherd’s pie, it also offers shepherd’s pie delivery to your doorstep. You can order frozen or freshly baked. 

Address: Blk 3015 Bedok North St 5 #06-05 (Passenger, Lift, Lobby 2, Singapore 486350

Phone: +65 6789 0707

Website: theshepherdspie.com


Simply Good Pies


Simply Good Pies

Good Pies is known for well-prepared snacks, desserts, and meals. Each product is handmade in small batches with all-natural ingredients to ensure an authentic taste. 

The restaurant uses free-range, natural meats from New Zealand, wild fish, and organic. For this reason, this restaurant remains a favorite among shepherd’s pie lovers.  

Standard pies you can order include Lamb Shepherd’s Pie, Beef Cottage Pie, and Wild Alaskan Fish Pie. You can customize your toppings with either truffle cheese mashed potatoes ($21) or farmhouse cheddar mashed potatoes ($19).

You can also order the Simply Good Pies specialty, the Classic English Pork Pie (from $18).

Phone: +65 8814 3925

Website: simplygoodpies.com


The English House.


The English House.

The English House takes a unique approach when preparing its shepherd’s pie. Typically, the pie contains truffle shavings on top, and the enormous minced beef bits and vegetables within the pie are bound using fresh herbs.  

The English House does not use artificial colors. For this reason, you will be eating the healthiest foods. Note that this restaurant symbolizes an institution and home that prepares ancient-era classical foods and drinks influenced by Singaporean colonial heritage. 

Run by the renowned chef Marco Pierre White, The English House serves authentic, high-quality shepherd’s pie. The pie costs $46 and is layered with a generous amount of minced lamb and cubed carrots and topped with mashed potatoes. 

Apart from the English menu, they, too, offer Asian and Chinese menus. Although they offer shepherd’s pie delivery services, it is only available within a 15km radius of the restaurant.

Address: 28 Mohamed Sultan Rd, Singapore 238972

Phone: +65 6545 4055

Website: theenglishhouse.com


Quentin Eurasian Restaurant


Quentin Eurasian Restaurant

For those looking for a unique local fusion fanfare, Quentin Eurasian Restaurant might be the right place to visit. The restaurant introduces the Eurasian past and future cuisines passed down several generations. 

Their unique dishes include Dry Mee Siam ($11.80), Black Ink Calamari ($20.80), Fried Okra ($8.80), Shepherd’s Pie, etc. The restaurant is known to offer the most affordable shepherd’s pie. You can order the pie in a single ($14) or as a mini-buffet portion ($80). 

But if you have a family, go for the Family Feast C ($312.50). This option features a Shepherd’s Pie, Pot Roast Beef, Roasted Chicken, and other mains. It is suitable for a party of 10!

You can also order an unconventional shepherd’s pie – Curry Debal Pie ($80). The pie has a bed of pork belly, spicy chicken chunks, and sausage, topped with a thick layer of mashed potatoes. 

If your order exceeds $50, you will have free shepherd’s pie delivery; otherwise, you are charged a flat fee of $20. If you opt for a self-pickup, you enjoy 20 % off for orders above $50. 

Address: 139 Ceylon Rd, Level 1 Eurasian Community House, Singapore 429744

Phone: +65 6348 0327

Website: quentins.com.sg




If you are a shepherd’s pie fan, you will want to have that authentic taste depending on the ingredients. So, the authentic taste must remain whether you are looking for a joint that offers beef, lamb, or vegetarian shepherd’s pie

We have reviewed five restaurants that offer chicken, lamb, vegetarian, and beef shepherd’s pie. Additionally, they offer different types of snacks, meals, and desserts. Each restaurant above guarantees you superior-quality pies. You can also try their easy shepherd’s pie recipe at home. 

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