7 Best Watch Winders in Singapore 2024

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Ever heard of watch winders? Oh, yes, right? People tend to get obsessed with various things, and watches are one of them. Do you know that owning many watches means much more than just putting them on and taking them off? Owning a collection of automatic watches is not that easy since you ought to maintain them. This is why people need to watch winders. A watch winder is a device where you can store your watch and also, and these devices rotate always in order to keep them moving when you are not wearing them. This enhances the durability of your watches, and at the same time, it keeps up the time precision. If you are searching for a top-rated watch winder, do not worry, many stores have watch winders singapore for sale. Yet, how to find out whether you are going to invest in a quality product that is worthy of your money? That is why we did some research and came up with the best winders in Singapore. Read on and dig into the details! 

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Watch Winders 
Affordability Ratings
Highlights Ratings
Reviews Ratings
Total Score
Tresor M2-CF Watch
S$ 399
Jane Choi Watch Winder
S$ 46
JQueen Double Watch Winder
S$ 110.49
Wolf Heritage Double Watch Winder
S$ 1,201.77
Wolf Cub Winder
S$ 412
Barrington Single Winder
S$ 337
Orux OR005WT Watch Winder
S$ 130.64


Tresor M2-CF Watch Winder (8.7/10)


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Tresor M2-CF Watch Winder is one of the best watch winders in Singapore. It comes with a “turn-and-rest” program that enables the winder to rotate and stop for a predetermined period of time. AC powers this, and an AC adaptor is provided with this. At the same time, it has three rotation selections: clockwise, anti-clockwise, and bi-directional. Besides, it has a soft elastic cushion hold. 


  • This is a 2-slot fiber casing. 
  • It has a deluxe front-opened glass window. 
  • This watch winder comes with an advanced LED soft-touch control panel. 
  • You can store any size watch. 

Price: S$ 399


Jane Choi Watch Winder (9.2/10)


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Jane Choi Watch Winder comes with a luxury piano lacquer surface, and it is polished for a high gloss finish. It comes with a Carbon fiber PU leather interior to protect the watch from magnetizing and avoid scratches. At the same time, there is an advanced motor inside that is long-lasting and silent when running. If you are looking for watch winders for automatic watches, Jane Choi Watch Winder is the best one for you. This winder box wraps the watch automatically. 


  • This watch winder is easy to use. 
  • It rotates clockwise first and then anti-clockwise then. 
  • It comes with a DC and AC power source. 
  • This is made of solid wood and velvet. 
  • This is an automatic watch winder

Price: S$ 46


JQueen Double Watch Winder (8.8/10)


watch winders for automatic watches

JQueen Double Watch Winder is one of the top watch winders in Singapore. This watch winder comes with 5 program settings. This watch winder is powered by an Upgraded Japanese silent motor. At the same time, it has a deluxe paint surface that keeps that new look on the watch. Also, it protects the watch from scratches and dust. Moreover, this is a dual power-supplied watch winder. 


  • There is no running noise. 
  • This is an anti-magnetic design. 
  • It comes with a double watch widener. 
  • It comes with an 18-months warranty. 

Price: S$ 110.49


Wolf Heritage Double Watch Winder (8.1/10)


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When it comes to the best watch winders in Singapore, we cannot ignore Wolf Heritage Double Watch Winder. It has a black faux leather exterior and chrome clasp closure. It also has control turn knobs with a tempered glass cover. At the same time, it comes with a patented rotation program. As in, it is an intermittent rotation with pause and sleep phases that are pre-programmed. 


  • This operates on a 3.3V adapter or D-cell alkaline or lithium batteries.
  • These wolf-watch winders come with an optional 12-hour delay setting. 
  • This is highly versatile. 

Price: S$ 1,201.77


Wolf Cub Winder (8.4/10)


watch winders for sale

Wolf Cub Winder is another Wolf watch winder that we can highly recommend. It has one winding module, a glass cover, and a lock-in cuff. At the same time, this is a patented innovation. In fact, every wolf winder counts the precise number of rotations. This is pre-programmed. It has 900 turns per day. 


  • It comes with bi-directional settings. 
  • It has a 2-year manufacturer warranty worldwide. 
  • It comes in 9 available colors. 

Price: S$ 412


Barrington Single Winder (8.8/10)


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Barrington Single Winder is another best watch winder in Singapore. This is a flagship single-watch winder that gently rotates. Also, it comes with several rotation settings, such as clockwise, counterclockwise, and alternating. These watch winders are fitted with the Silent Japanese Mabuchi motor. This can be powered by the mains or two AA batteries. At the same time, it has the new 12 o’clock stop feature. As in, it ends up in the 12 o’clock position when it has stopped winding. 


  • This watch winder is highly flexible. 
  • This is compact and stylish. 
  • It comes in seven hues. 

Price: S$ 337


Orux OR005WT Watch Winder (8.9/10)


multiple watch winders box

Orux OR005WT Watch Winder is a top-rated watch winder in Singapore. This is made of ABS resin, and it gives the watch winder a smooth and flawless look. At the same time, it rotates in a variety of directions, like clockwise, counterclockwise, and bi-directional. 


  • This is a beautiful and elegant watch winder. 
  • It has easy-to-use settings. 
  • This is a simple design. 

Price: S$ 130.64

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