A Simple Guide to Visiting St John Island in Singapore

st john island

St John Island is just an hour’s ferry ride from mainland Singapore and offers a peaceful escape. With white sandy beaches, green hills, fresh air, and quiet surroundings, it’s perfect for nature lovers.

Once used as a quarantine station, St John Island is now open to visitors. Nature lovers and those seeking a break from the city visit this island for its beautiful scenery. You can swim, appreciate rare plants and animals, or simply relax in this tranquil spot.

Getting to St John Island

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Getting to St John Island is simple. You can catch a ferry from Marina South Pier. It takes about half an hour to reach the island’s beautiful beaches. Ferries run multiple times daily, and a round-trip ticket costs SGD 15. It’s a good idea to book your tickets online ahead of time to skip waiting in line.

Ideal Time to Visit

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Visit between December and February for cooler weather and less rain. You’ll also enjoy festive events happening during this time of year.

What to Bring

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Pack essentials for St John Island:

  • Water
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • Snacks and a packed lunch, as dining choices are limited on the island

Things to Do on St. John Island

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Nature Trails and Wildlife

Explore the island’s trails to discover diverse plants and animals. Look out for birds like Brahminy Kites and snakes like the Gold-ringed Cat Snake. Join guided tours to learn about the island’s ecology.

Beachcombing and Marine Life

During low tide, stroll along the beaches to find sea stars, crabs, and shellfish. Check the tide schedule for the best times.

History and Culture

Learn about St. John Island’s past as a quarantine and rehabilitation center. Visit Bendera Bay and join programs to experience traditional island life.

Outdoor Fun

Enjoy fishing in the island’s waters, relax at picnic spots, or barbecue by the beach. Stay overnight in chalets or camp under the stars for a memorable experience.


Things to Do on Lazarus Island

what to do at st john island

Lazarus Beach

Just a short walk from St John Island, Lazarus Island boasts pristine waters and one of Sentosa’s best beaches for sunbathing, swimming, and picnicking. It’s a peaceful spot to relax.

Instagram-Worthy Spots

Lazarus Island offers stunning landscapes and beautiful beaches, making it ideal for Instagram enthusiasts. Visit during sunrise or sunset for the best photo opportunities.

Meeting the Island Cats

Lazarus Island is home to friendly resident cats often found lounging by the beaches. Bring some cat treats if you’d like to make a furry friend.

Fishing and Yachting

Enjoy fishing in the guest-friendly waters around Lazarus Island. For a unique experience, consider staying overnight on a yacht to immerse yourself in the tranquility. Various packages are available to suit different budgets.


Places to Eat

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There aren’t many places to eat on St. John and Lazarus Islands, so bringing a picnic might be a better idea. If you prefer, you can also dine at one of the few restaurants available on the island. Bringing your food ensures you won’t be disappointed and lets you enjoy a meal with a view.


Places to Stay and Services

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While there are no luxury hotels, you can stay overnight in simple chalets on St John Island. The island has toilets, shelters, and rest areas, all in a natural and basic setting.


Efforts to Preserve and Protect the Environment

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Visitors are encouraged to uphold conservation values by practicing responsible tourism, such as picking up trash and keeping beaches clean. Authorities and organizations actively work to protect nature, preserve wildlife habitats, and control feral animals on the islands.


Tips for Visitors

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Plan Your Trip Around the Ferry Schedule

Before you go, check when the ferries are running so you don’t miss one and have to wait long.

Take Enough Supplies

The island has limited facilities, so bring all your essentials like food, water, sunblock, and insect repellent. Packing a picnic kit can add to the fun!

Dress for the Weather

It can be hot and humid, so wear light, breathable clothes and comfy shoes. A hat and sunglasses are good to have too.

Tide Timings

Check the tide times if you want to see sea life. Low tide is the best time for intertidal walks and spotting creatures.

Respect the Environment

St. John Island is known for its wildlife and natural beauty. Take all your rubbish with you and respect the plants and animals. Being responsible helps keep the island nice for future visitors.


St John Island Singapore

Visiting St. John and Lazarus Islands offers a blend of nature, history, and relaxation. You can explore natural habitats, enjoy the beach, or have a peaceful picnic away from the city.

Pack wisely, clean up after yourself, and enjoy the tranquility.

A day trip here might awaken your conservation spirit and give you a new perspective on Singapore.

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