Easy Guide to East Coast Singapore

east coast singapore

Discover the sunny east coast singapore with this insider’s digital guide, filled with living and lifestyle tips for both locals and expats.
Whether you’re living here permanently, renting for a while, or just spending the weekend exploring, the East Coast has everything you need.
From working and studying to shopping and having fun, this area has it all.

This digital guide covers the area’s history, the people who live here, and their way of life. It also highlights the best attractions, dining spots, and shopping places on the East Coast.

Past and Background

The East Coast Singapore, which is well-known today, used to be a quiet rural area. It changed and developed greatly over the years.
The 1960s and 1970s saw a period of significant growth. This included building more parks, like East Coast Park, and creating new residential areas.

Today, you can see the results of this large-scale urbanization all around the East Coast.

Life in East Coast Singapore

east coast singapore

Moving to the East Coast of Singapore offers many housing choices. You can find everything from large houses to modern condos.
Rent prices differ, but homes with a sea view or close to amenities usually cost more.

For expats, it’s important to know about visa requirements. Most will need an Employment Pass or a Dependant’s Pass if they are bringing family.

Always check the latest requirements from official sources to avoid any problems.

Food and Fun

east coast singapore

Foodies, prepare yourself! The East Coast of Singapore is the place to go if you want fantastic food. The hawker centers in the area offer a great selection of local cuisine in addition to some foreign selections.

The East Coast’s Lagoons Food Village is a well-liked location where you may eat near the beach. Fresh fish and famous satay are not to be missed!

Jumbo Seafood, known for its mouthwatering chili crab, is a great option for those looking for a more refined dining experience.
If you want to stay out late, there are plenty of bars and other locations for enjoying the nightlife. The East Coast has all the hippest beach bars and trendy rooftop clubs that you could want.

And if you’re interested in live entertainment, head to East Coast Park or check out your local theater for cultural activities in the evening.

Shopping Options

east coast park singapore

If you’re not keen on shopping on the East Coast singapore, you can still check out Parkway Parade, a big mall with both popular and fancy brands. You’ll also find specialty stores and supermarkets around. For fresh produce and local items, head to Bedok Market.

Fun and Outdoor Fun

The most popular place in the area to have fun is East Coast Park. There are many things to do, including windsurfing, sailing, kayaking, biking, skating, riding trishaws, and having picnics and barbecues.

If you enjoy camping, you can put up your tent in specified parts of the park with permission. In addition, there are parking spaces, tennis courts, pools, and other sports facilities.

Education and Healthcare

Families moving to the East Coast will be happy to hear about the great schools there. There are top international schools like United World College and Overseas Family School that offer excellent education.

Healthcare is also good in the East Coast. There are many medical centers, including Western clinics and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners. It’s wise to have medical insurance, especially if you’re far from your home country, to cover any unexpected medical costs.

Transportation and Connectivity

Getting around the East Coast and the rest of Singapore using the MRT and bus systems is easy. The Thomson-East Coast Line connects the East Coast to other parts of the island, making commuting fast and simple.

If you prefer, you can also drive. Many people own cars in Singapore, but it’s important to know about the costs and rules involved.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Living on the East Coast

Living on the East Coast has its upsides and downsides.

One good thing is that you’re part of a vibrant community with lots of people who enjoy doing things together and have plenty of recreational activities.

The area also has a relaxed vibe.

On the downside, living costs can be a bit high, and it might take some time to get to the central business district.

East Coast Singapore

In conclusion, the East Coast in Singapore is a wonderful place to live. Many people have been drawn to this area since its beginnings.
Its popularity can be explained through various factors, including its rich cultural significance, various food options, outdoor activities, and more. Thus, if your heart is in San Francisco, you should think about visiting Singapore, more especially the East Coast.

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