Singapore National Day | Best Tourist Spots to Visit for a Great Celebration

singapore national day

Singapore National Day, celebrated every August 9th, is an important holiday. It marks the day when Singapore became independent from Malaysia in 1965. People in Singapore celebrate this day with events and ceremonies that show off their culture, history, and achievements. It’s a special day that reminds everyone of how far Singapore has come, from a small trading port to a successful city-state. People feel proud and united on this day, and they also take time to think about the challenges Singapore has faced.

If you’re visiting Singapore during National Day, there are many great places to see and enjoy. Here are some top places to check out.

Best Places to Go in Singapore for a Great Celebration

Marina Bay Sands

singapore national day

In the heart of Singapore, during Singapore National Day, is Marina Bay Sands, a famous hotel and casino. It has a stunning rooftop infinity pool that offers amazing views of the city skyline. You can also explore the shops and restaurants there or try your luck at the casino. To get there, you can take the MRT to Bayfront Station.

Gardens by the Bay

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Gardens by the Bay is a beautiful garden attraction in Singapore that blends nature with modern architecture. It’s a great place to explore if you love nature and cool buildings. You’ll find tall Supertrees covered in plants, a misty dome with a big waterfall inside, and another dome full of colorful flowers from all over the world. It’s a must-visit spot for anyone who enjoys gardens and cool designs.

Singapore Zoo and Night Safari

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The Singapore Zoo and Night Safari are home to some amazing species. The zoo offers large, realistic environments for up-close interactions with a wide variety of animals. If you want to see animals that come out at night, you can go on the Night Safari. Watching animals that sleep in their native environments is similar to traveling on an exciting journey after sunset.

Sentosa Island

singapore national day

Just near Singapore is Sentosa Island, a popular resort spot. You can enjoy a fun cable car ride, relax on the beach, visit Universal Studios Singapore, and check out other cool things there. Plus, there are lots of places to eat and shop on the island. To get there, you can take the MRT to Harbourfront Station and then hop on the Sentosa Express or cable car to Sentosa Island.


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Chinatown is a popular location with a mix of modern and traditional shops and restaurants on Singapore National Day. You may explore the area’s bright temples and beautiful old structures, or you may enjoy some delicious Chinese cuisine. Simply take the MRT to Chinatown Station to get there.

Singapore Flyer

singapore national day

The Singapore Flyer is like a huge Ferris wheel, but it’s even better because it gives you amazing views of the city below. Each car can fit up to 28 people as it goes around. When it opened in 2008, it was the tallest Ferris wheel in the world, reaching 165 meters (541 feet) high. They have wheelchairs available for people with disabilities if you let them know beforehand. At the terminal, which is by Marina Bay, there are three floors with restaurants, shops, and other things you can enjoy.

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