The New Technology Used in the Pharma Industry

Pharma Industry Technology

The pharma industry is one of the most amazing industries of our time. The dazzling increase in the renew has enabled the manufacturers to introduce new technology like pressure regulators. The pressure regulators now make it possible for precision and accuracy in manufacturing. Today, the use of pressure regulators has increased too much because of their flexibility and robustness. An electronic air pressure regulator comes in various forms to fulfill the need of different domestic and industrial applications including gas grills, large furnaces, medical devices, etc.

Pharma Industry Technology

Here we have listed some processes to show the role of an electronic regulator in the pharmaceutical industry:


In the pharmaceutical industry, compressed air is commonly utilized in the manufacturing of tablets. This air directly comes in contact with the product. After pressing the tablet, compressed air removes the dust particles. Compressed air is also used to do the coating of the medicine. Here an electronic air pressure regulator is utilized to control the pressure of the air. Here low-pressure air regulators help to reduce the pressure of the air and let the system coat the precise amount of medicine on each tablet.

Cleaning and Drying

The pharmaceutical industry requires great care and focus for the manufacturing of the products. In this industry, it’s crucial to keep cleanliness as the priority. The bottles or containers in which the medicinal products are filled should be cleaned. For maintaining a clean working environment CIP (Clean in Place) has been prepared for keeping the systems, plants, and containers clean. Here compressed air is used for the drying process.

Nowadays, dry ice blasting is also used for cleaning. It impacts the surface and loosens the deposits and further they are removed with the help of the compressed air that is delivered on a set pressure according to the need with the help of an electric pressure regulator.


This is another application of compressed air. It is used to transport the integral elements from one place to another like liquids, solids, powders, etc. There is a great need to maintain consistency in the pressure to convey items from one place to the other. This need is fulfilled with the help of an electronic air pressure regulator. This type of transportation reduces the risk of product damage.

Packaging Process

This is an essential process where speed and accuracy is the main key concern for the manufacturers. Here compressed air is a basic necessity because it is used to transport the end product for packing and sealing the packing. To maintain the quality of the product, it is necessary to prevent contact with the humidity. To do this compressed air drying is required that is done accurately with the help of an electro-pneumatic regulator.

Clean Room

Having a clean room is the main necessity in the production of medicinal products. Some of the production steps required to use the compressed air. But in the case of clean rooms, compressed air is utilized to dry the washed primary vessels before filling them with the product to prevent germs. An accurate pressure of the air is maintained to perform this task with the help of an air pressure controller.

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Final Words

Compressed air is used too much in the pharmaceutical process to perform various tasks, but each task is required to maintain a specific pressure of the air. To maintain the correct pressure according to the need of each process an electronic air pressure regulator is widely utilized in the pharmaceutical industry.

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