Top Singapore Skincare Brands

singapore skincare brands

People often think of Korean, Japanese, or Western brands when they think about skincare. Still, have you ever thought about the hidden secrets within Singapore’s skincare sector? Suddenly, Singapore offers several locally beloved skincare products that are well-known across the world. We’re highlighting outstanding Singapore skincare brands in this special list. These companies are well known for their special skincare products that are popular for customers all around the world, or for their widespread popularity.

Because of its size, the skin is the biggest organ in the body and can be highly responsive to some products, which can result in irritation, burns, marks, or peeling. The hot and humid weather in Singapore makes it important to choose skincare products that suit your individual needs.

Why not trust local businesses to take care of your Singaporean skin? We’re presenting the top local singapore skincare brands available in this collection. Let’s look at the top singapore skincare brands that are not only healthy for you but also highly recommended by Singaporean dermatological clinics.

Two Halves

singapore skincare brands

Two Halves is a skincare brand created by Singaporean skincare expert Jo Yong and her daughter, Ashley Yong. The brand aims to make skincare simple and is produced in Japan. It uses a mix of natural and lab-made ingredients to gently soothe your skin. The idea for this singapore skincare brands came from Ashley’s father, who wanted good skin without dealing with complicated skincare routines.

Two Halves makes skincare easy by offering only two products: Better Balance Soothing Hydration Essence and Nutrients Networking Water Cream. These two products are the basics of a skincare routine and can help you get better skin. Applying them is easy, but you need to be patient for results. This skincare routine requires regular use, but it’s worth it in the end.

Address: 63 Jln Pemimpin, #02-02 Pemimpin Industrial Building, Singapore 577219




Rooki Beauty

skincare brands

Rooki Beauty is a new and exciting beauty brand from Singapore designed for beginners in skincare. Hayley, a beauty entrepreneur, turned her hobby into this business after a trip to Japan inspired her. Her products use natural superfoods like grapes, peaches, lingonberries, and kudzu root.

Despite using a variety of natural ingredients, Rooki Beauty avoids harmful preservatives and allergens, making their products safe for even the most sensitive skin.

In the opinion of Rooki Beauty, skin care needs to be simple and easy, especially for beginners. Skincare serums that help rehydrate, brighten, and erase dark spots are some of their best-selling items. Also, they provide packages designed to meet specific requirements including cleaning, moisturizing, and brightness.

Address: N/A





best skincare brands

If you’ve strolled down Orchard Road, you might have seen DrGL or other “Dr” brands like DrHair or DrSpa. DrGL was founded by Dr. Georgia Lee, a Singaporean doctor who specializes in aesthetics. Her products combine medical knowledge and experience from treating patients with various skin types.

DrGL’s products are not entirely natural as some other brands claim, but they are all tested and approved by toxicologists. They aim to meet the needs of every skin type with specific cleansers, creams, and facial masks. These products help moisturize dry skin and balance oily skin.

The brand offers starter packages for those beginning their skincare journey, promising visible results within just 2 weeks. DrGL also provides products for those more experienced in skincare, making small enhancements to daily routines.

Address: A DrBrand Pte Ltd, #06-01 OC @ Pasir Panjang, 100H Pasir Panjang Road, Singapore 118524

Contact: 63409112 /



Serene SkinLab

skincare brands in Singapore

Serene SkinLab is a skincare brand created by a Singaporean pharmacist named Serene. She originally developed it to address her skin condition, Vitiligo. Over time, her focus expanded to meet the needs of people in Southeast Asia, where the climate is humid and warm.

Produced in Singapore, Serene SkinLab blends Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine ingredients to create effective skincare products. The brand emphasizes that our skin’s health is closely linked to our overall well-being, believing that our natural beauty should be celebrated. Their products are gentle and aim to enhance your skin’s natural features without complicating your daily routine.

A small number of basic skincare products, such as sunblocks, cleansers, serums, and repair creams, are available at Serene SkinLab. These products are designed to protect your skin from environmental factors and typical pollutants while cleaning it.

Address: 22 Sin Ming Ln, #06-76 Midview City, Singapore 573969

Contact: +65 8784 3623



Sigi Skin

singapore skincare brands

Many people find skincare routines too complicated to start. Sigi Skin simplifies things by offering gentle products that reduce the number you need.

Made in Korea but based in Singapore, Sigi Skin is known for its award-winning skincare. Their team creates products that are safe and eco-friendly. Sigi Skin singapore skincare brands focus on keeping your skin hydrated and glowing with essentials like Kleanser Face Wash, Tea Tox, and Dew Potion.

Address: 321 Orchard Rd, #07-01 Orchard Shopping Centre, Singapore 238866





singapore skincare brands

Toh Ziling brings Japanese simplicity to Singapore through her beauty brand, Re: Erth. Their focus is on skin health above all else, believing that healthy skin leads to natural beauty. Each Re: Erth product uses natural ingredients rich in vitamins sourced from Japan, like Japanese white turmeric from the Kyushu region.

Re: Erth’s most popular product is their award-winning multi-targeted serum. This serum addresses various skincare needs, firming and toning the skin to achieve a smooth, plump texture. Their products work well for all skin types, balancing moisture levels and reducing oiliness.

Address: 1M Yong Siak Street, Singapore 168641

Contact: +65 8366 8805 /


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