Why Your Newborn Deserves an Integrated Shield Plan

integrated shield plan

In the whirlwind of caring for a newborn, considering the long-term well-being of your child is crucial. Beyond birth registrations and baby bonuses, prioritizing a private Integrated Shield plan is a proactive step towards securing your newborn’s future health. This article explores why investing in such a plan is essential, especially in Singapore.

Why Getting A Private Integrated Shield Plan Is Necessary

While MediShield Life provides a baseline coverage for Singaporeans, opting for a private Integrated Shield plan becomes imperative for parents seeking enhanced hospitalization options. The absence of pre-existing condition exclusions during the newborn stage makes it an opportune time to secure comprehensive coverage.

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The Risk Of Congenital Abnormalities

The potential for congenital abnormalities underscores the need for a private Integrated Shield plan. Quick diagnosis and treatment can be financially burdensome without adequate coverage, placing strain on family finances. Having a plan in place ensures financial worries are alleviated during challenging times.

Newborns’ Proneness to Hospital Admissions

Babies often fall ill, leading to hospital admissions. Even minor illnesses may incur substantial bills. A private Integrated Shield plan, acquired while the child is healthy, safeguards against unexpected medical expenses, with minimal co-payment.

Buy Early for Optimal Coverage

Securing a private Integrated Shield plan early is wise, as it guarantees coverage without exclusions. As children age, the likelihood of developing a medical history increases, potentially affecting insurance eligibility.

How GREAT SupremeHealth & GREAT TotalCare Provide Protection

Consider the example of GREAT SupremeHealth, a MediSave-Approved Integrated Shield Plan, complemented by the supplement rider GREAT TotalCare. With up to 95% coverage for hospitalization bills and a capped 5% co-payment, it ensures financial peace of mind. Health Connect facilitates easy access to a network of private specialists.

Don’t Ignore Coverage for Mother

Addressing the coverage gap within the initial 14 days after birth, GREAT Maternity Care offers a solution. Covering both mother and child against pregnancy complications and congenital conditions, it’s advisable to secure this plan early in pregnancy for maximum benefits.

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Celebrate Milestones with Adequate Insurance Coverage

As you celebrate milestones in your newborn’s life, ensure they have comprehensive insurance protection. By acting early, you provide your child with the security and support needed for any unforeseen medical emergencies.


In conclusion, taking proactive steps, such as acquiring a private Integrated Shield plan early in your child’s life, is a gift that keeps giving. It ensures that your newborn’s health is a top priority, setting the foundation for a secure and worry-free future. So, don’t just celebrate the milestones; celebrate them with the assurance that your child’s health is well taken care of through thoughtful and comprehensive insurance coverage.

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